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Several public areas like schools, colleges, libraries, museums, medical grounds, interview halls, auditoriums, etc., require the premises or certain parts of it to stay out of any disturbance that can affect the atmosphere inside. There are several rules that the authorities set in these areas.

Hence, you can try to use these Do Not Touch Signs to spread the alert among people to not touch or come in physical contact with any valuable or preserved thing. The printables are suitable for professional as well as personal use.

Properties like museums, laboratories, industries or other areas that have important substances or items stored need to keep these said products distant from the reach of unauthorized and common people. Such areas can easily download the listed printables using the simple PDF format and use them.

This compilation consists of 33+ Do Not Touch Signs that have elaborate yet simple designs to spread the instructions with clarity among as many viewers as possible. They can be used as posters, stickers, banners, sign boards, placards and other instructive content.

1. Do Not Touch The Art Sign:

Do Not Touch The Art Sign


This Do Not Touch The Art printable uses bright and contrasting colors in order to spread the alert among the people with utter clarity. It has bold linguistic information alongside a vivid symbolic representation that helps the people to understand the message clearly.

This Sign is suitable for places that preserve or sell artworks like museums, galleries, exhibitions, showrooms, heritage buildings etc., where valuable art forms are displayed for the public to enjoy their beauty. Touching these artworks can damage them or affect the legal protocols; hence such activities need to be prevented.

2. Do Not Touch The Phone Sign:

Do Not Touch The Phone Sign

The above printable on Do Not Touch The Phone Sign can be made into posters and stickers to alert the people from using the phone. Public places like hospitals, colleges and official grounds like banks, business hubs or other commercial sectors can use this Sign.

This printable uses two highly contrasting colors in its design, making the Sign visually attractive and gaining the attention of several viewers. It contains distinct texts and a simple symbolic demonstration to spread the message in an uncomplicated and clear way.

3. Do Not Touch This Sign:

Do Not Touch This Sign

The Do Not Touch This Sign has no specific names or categories mentioned in it; hence it can be used for a variety of miscellaneous reasons, including private as well as professional uses. The printable can be customized to further extents if you want to add more specific details to it.

The Sign clearly asks the people not to touch the item. You can make posters or stickers from this Sign and place them nearby products that you need to preserve or keep untouched. The bold text and the simple graphical representation help the people to understand the warning note quickly.

4. Don’t touch baby sign:

Don't touch baby sign

Putting a baby to sleep can be a hard and exhausting job, and if your entire struggle goes in vain due to a sudden unwanted disturbance like a sound or a touch, it can be quite frustrating and infuriating. You can prevent such scenarios using this Don’t Touch Baby Sign.

The Sign is suitable for places that have newborns and small babies like nurseries, baby daycares, hospitals etc. It is also perfectly applicable for household purposes where you can simply put up the Sign as a poster, a door hanger or a sticker to warn the other family members.

5. Don’t Touch Sign:

Don't Touch Sign

6. Don’t Touch Your Face Sign:

Don't Touch Your Face Sign


Medical emergencies like the Covid pandemic scenario require high levels of maintaining hygiene standards to prevent transmissions and secure lives as much as possible. One of the main protocols during such health hazards is usually to maintain sanitary rules like wearing a mask or not touching your face.

This Don’t Touch Your Face Sign has a bright outlook that clearly states the instructions in a warning tone to attract the eyes of more viewers. It also has a vivid set of graphical demonstrations using the animated symbols implemented in the Sign.

7. Funny Please Do Not Touch Signs:

Funny Do Not Touch Signs

8. Hot Surface Do Not Touch Sign:

Hot Surface Do Not Touch Sign

Industrial sectors, laboratories, production units and other venues dealing with hot water, hot substances need to put up warning signs in order to prevent unwanted medical hazards like burns or even death. Such areas can use this Hot Surface Do Not Touch Sign by quickly downloading it using the PDF format.

This printable uses bright hues alongside bold fonts to spread the information with clarity. It also includes symbolic representations that make the Sign even more understandable to the viewers. You can make different kinds of alert content using this Sign and spread them around the premises.

9. Look But Don’t Touch Sign:

Look But Don't Touch Sign


The Look But Don’t Touch Sign is applicable for places that display valuable products as a collection or in auctions. Museums, exhibitions, galleries, administrative buildings and heritage sites can use this Sign to warn people about the regulations regarding touching anything they see around.

You can make posters, banners, stickers, flyers or placards out of this Sign and place them near the areas that have valuable or preserved artifacts and products in them to alert the visitors about not touching anything and only looking at the displayed items.

10. Museum Do Not Touch Sign:

Museum Do Not Touch Sign

11. Please Do Not Touch Sign:

Please Do Not Touch Sign

12. Printable Do not Touch Sign:

Printable Do not Touch Sign

This simple black and white Sign on Printable Do Not Touch Sign has a bold outlook through its contrasting colors that complement each other. The different fonts used in the Sign spread the alert making it attractive to most eyes, hence getting the job done with accuracy.

The Sign has no animations or symbols, but it can still spread the message using its utterly simple design. The uncomplicated appearance of this printable makes it perfect for professional and official uses, especially in work sectors, business hubs or commercial grounds. You can also customize it if needed to add further details.

13. Warning Do Not Touch Sign:

Warning Do Not Touch Sign

14. Warning Sign Do Not Touch:

Warning Sign Do Not Touch

15. Black And White Do not Touch Sign:

Black And White Do not Touch Sign

16. Braille Do Not Touch Sign:

Braille Do Not Touch Sign

17. Caution Do Not Touch Sign:

Caution Do Not Touch Sign

18. Danger Do Not Touch Sign:

Danger Do Not Touch Sign


The Danger Do Not Touch Sign can be appropriately used in places that have high voltage connections or toxic substances stored besides keeping high temperature contents. It gives out a clear and vivid danger warning using bright tones that complement the dark background.

The simple printable also places a clear symbolic message that prohibits the people from touching the substance. Putting up this Sign can help with the prevention of health hazards, casualties or legal issues. You can simply download the Sign and use it as per you want.

19. Do Not Touch anything Sign:

Do Not Touch anything Sign

20. Do Not Touch Dog Sign:

Do Not Touch Dog Sign


Places that keep dogs, like households, service areas or police stations, might require warning the people regarding Beware Of Dog alongside mentioning the rules to approach it in order to prevent uncalled accidents that can lead to severe injuries or even calamities.

You can use this uncomplicated Do Not Touch Dog Sign in places that have an aggressive dog or a service dog that requires to be kept distant and untouched. Use the Sign to make stickers, posters, banners etc. and spread them around the area where the dog is.

21. Do Not Touch My Stuff Sign:

Do Not Touch My Stuff Sign

22. Do Not Touch Sign Clip Art:

Do Not Touch Sign Clip Art

23. Do Not Touch Sign To Print:

Do Not Touch Sign To Print

24. Do Not Touch Sign:

Do Not Touch Sign

25. Do Not Touch Signs Funny:

Do Not Touch Signs Funny

26. Wet Paint Do Not Touch:

Wet Paint Do Not Touch

27. Don’t Touch Baby Sign:

Don’t Touch Baby Sign

28. Fragile Do Not Touch Sign:

Fragile Do Not Touch Sign

29. Do Not Touch Hand Sign:

Do Not Touch Hand Sign

30. Do Not Touch Safety Sign:

Do Not Touch Safety Sign

31. Do Not Touch Authorized Personnel Only:

Do Not Touch Authorized Personnel Only

32. Do Not Touch Plants Sign:

Do Not Touch Plants Sign

33. Do Not Touch symbol:

Do Not Touch symbol

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