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A trash can sign is a kind of sign which are displayed in locations where trash receptacle is placed. These signs are widely used in public places like parks, streets, buildings, libraries, and hospitals where there is a necessity that people can properly dispose of their waste or litter.

The main feature of these signs is that they all carry “trash” or “litter” in bold letters that are clearly visible and spread the message clearly. Want people not to litter in a specific place? Use the No Litter Sign to warn them.

Trash can signs can play an important role in proper waste disposal in public spaces. They are one of the most efficient instruments that can clearly indicate where the waste materials should be disposed, which can drastically reduce litter amount in the area. In order to keep places clean,  maintain serenity, proper waste management, recycling of waste material, help reduce the spread of disease and pests, etc., trash can signs can be an extremely helpful instrument.

Do Not Throw Trash Sign White Trash Signs

1) Do Not Throw Trash Sign

2) White Trash Signs

Trash Signs To Print Trash Recycle Signs

3) Trash Signs To Print

4) Trash Recycle Signs

Trash Recycle Sign Trash And Recycle Sign

5) Trash Recycle Sign

6) Trash And Recycle Sign

Here are the Factors to consider when designing and placing trash can signs:

If you are designing a trash can sign, there are a couple of important factors you should consider: they are efficiently designed and can seamlessly ensure proper waste disposal by indicating a direction.

You should also make sure to place them in a proper place so that they are easily visible and people know exactly where to dispose of the waste. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:

  • Designing: While creating your own trash can sign, make sure to use vibrant or fluorescent color combinations so that they are even clearly visible in low light. Wording like “trash” &
    “waste” should also be mentioned in bold letters so that they immediately convey the purpose of the sign.
  • Language and symbols: While crafting the trash can sign, always use simple language that is easily understood by everyone. Using the local language could be a practical approach. You can also include symbols along with the text. Symbols are very useful, and people can understand the message even if they are unable to read or not familiar with the language.
  • Visibility: As we mentioned earlier, visibility is extremely important. In order for people to locate and use trash receptacles, display trach can signs on prominent locations, namely walkways or building entrances, with arrow signs indicating the trash can location.
  • Durability: Trash can signs are used indoors and outdoors. So you can use both printables indoors, and signs made with durable materials such as tin place aluminum could be used outside for longer durability. Signs made with durable material can easily fight against harsh weather and continue to be an effective instrument guiding proper waste disposal and maintaining cleanness.
Trailer Trash Signs Throw Away Your Trash Signs

7) Trailer Trash Signs

8) Throw Away Your Trash Signs


Printable Trash Signs Please Pick Up Your Trash Signs

9) Printable Trash Signs

10) Please Pick Up Your Trash Signs

No Household Trash Signs No Dumping Trash

11) No Household Trash Signs

12) No Dumping Trash Sign


Black And White Trash Sign Trash Signs Printable

13) Black And White Trash Sign

14) Trash Signs Printable


Trash Only Signs Trash Can Signs

15) Trash Only Signs

16) Trash Can Signs

Trash Can Sign Trash Bin Signs

17) Trash Can Sign

18) Trash Bin Signs


Pick Up Trash Sign No Trash Signs

19) Pick Up Trash Sign

20) No Trash Signs


Funny Trash Signs Funny trash can Signs

21) Funny Trash Signs

22) Funny Trash Can Signs

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