15+Printable Pool Closed Sign

A “Pool Closed” sign is a useful notice that could be used to notify or inform pool users or people that a swimming pool is temporarily unavailable for maintenance and will remain closed until further notice. This sign is normally displayed near the entrance of the premises or to the pool. Alternatively, you can post these signs in prominent locations so that they are easily visible and can alert visitors and prevent them from using the pool, which can eventually lead to preventing any unnecessary accidental situations.

These signs are basically used outdoors, so using durable materials like a tin plate and aluminum is the preferred approach. Alternatively, one can print out the design and laminate them to add extra durability to printed paper signs as well.

In this compilation, we have added 15+ pool closed signs in PDF format, which could be customized, and customized messages can be included.

Closed Pool Sign Black And White Pool Closed Sign

1) Closed Pool Sign

2) Black And White Pool Closed Sign

Swimming Pool Closed Sign Printable Pool Closed Sign

3) Swimming Pool Closed Sign

4) Printable Pool Closed Sign

Pool Temporarily Closed Sign Pool Open Closed Sign

5) Pool Temporarily Closed Sign

6) Pool Open Closed Sign

Pool Closeding Sign Pool Closed Until Further Notice Sign

7) Pool Closing Sign

8) Pool Closed Until Further Notice Sign

Regulations and Requirements for Pool Closed Signs

There are some certain things one must keep in mind when it comes to placing a pool closed sign.

A) State and local laws:

  • Pool closed signs very important instrument and are required by state and local laws that can ensure the safety of swimmers and prevent any unnecessary accidents.
  • Before placing the pool close sign it is better to have a clear understanding of the specific requirements for pool close signs which might vary depending on the jurisdiction. For example, some states in the United States may have a guideline for a specific size or font for the sign, while others may suggest about specific location, size, and language that must be used.

B) Sign placement and visibility:

  • As we mentioned before pool close sign must be placed somewhere highly visible location where swimmers can easily see them.
  • Regulation may also specify any specific distance from the pool or height of the displayed sign, which must be affixed or hung above the ground.
  • Another extremely important thing one should keep in mind is that the sign should also be well-lit and visible both during the day and at night.
  • For people with disabilities, there should be a provision that they are well aware of the pool closed notice. Make sure to have that forcibility.


Pool Closed Sign Pool Closed Sign Printable

9) Pool Closed Sign

10) Pool Closed Sign Printable


Pool Closed For Season Sign Pool Closed For Maintenance Sign

11) Pool Closed For Season Sign

12) Pool Closed For Maintenance Sign


Pool Closed For Cleaning Sign Pool Closed Due To Weather Sign

13) Pool Closed For Cleaning Sign

14) Pool Closed Due To Weather Sign

Printable Pool Closed Sign

15) Printable Pool Closed Sign

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