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Public sectors with a huge number of visitors accessing them regularly might have some portions of it under construction or any appliances that need to be fixed. There are also scenarios where some sections or facilities are out of authorization for the common people to use them.

There can be a lot of miscommunications leading to chaos and commotion if the people are not informed beforehand regarding the working condition or legal protocols of a section or the service provided by them, which is where these Do Not Use Signs are useful in getting the job done.

Often the authorities do not want the people to enter any private area. They need them to stay aware of any damaged service areas and several other important aspects in order to maintain productivity and stability inside the premises. Such a situation can be easily attained by putting up a clear sign.

This compilation of 34+ printables on Do Not Use Signs can be made into posters, stickers, placards, signboards, banners, and flyers that might help in spreading the message with clarity, alongside the positive feature of allowing you to customize them further and modify the design if needed.

1. Black And White Do Not Use Sign:

Black And White Do Not Use Sign

The Black And White Do Not Use Sign makes the message clear and distinct using a bold and visually appealing design that catches the attention of the viewers with ease, getting the job perfectly done and allowing the people to stay informed about the regulations regarding touching or using.

This printable can be used as posters, banners, stickers, signals, signboards and placards that need to be placed near the area or item that is prohibited from being used by the people, warning them about the protocols and letting the masses understand the cause easily. It uses a clear symbolic representation as well.

2. Do Not Use Phone Sign:

Do Not Use Phone Sign

Examination Halls, interview centers, movie theaters, auditoriums, libraries, laboratories, medical grounds and several other important venues require their visitors to stay calm and not appreciate any form of disturbance, be it loud noises or a ringing cell phone that can affect the ambiance of the premises.

To inform the people about the regulations of using mobile phones on the property, you can simply put up a Do Not Use Phone Sign that clearly states the subject matter, making it easily understandable to the people, allowing them to realize the cause and act accordingly, thus helping in maintaining stability.

3. Do Not Use Letterbox Sign:

Do Not Use Letterbox Sign

Some properties have multiple residents living in them, like apartments, rentals, or flat mate scenarios. In such cases, there are times when the people do not want their letters and mails to be placed in the property letterbox, mostly for privacy or security purposes. Sometimes, the letterbox might also be unusable.

If you want the postman or the delivery person to stay away from your letterbox when they arrive to deliver your contents to your premises, you can simply use this easily downloadable printable on Do Not Use Letterbox Sign that conveys the instructions with clarity, reducing the chances of chaos and misconceptions.

4. Do Not Use Ladder Sign:

Do Not Use Ladder Sign

Certain areas that have construction work or cleaning procedures might use ladders to reach up to higher altitudes in order to conduct the work smoothly. A Do Not Use Ladder Sign comes in handy when you want people to stay alert about using a ladder in an area or a particular section of the venue.

Ladders are useful for getting up to unreachable heights, but there can be areas that do not allow you to use one. The reasons behind such instructions can range from legal protocols to precautionary measures; hence, this printable can be useful for several such venues that involve using a ladder.

5. Do Not Use Forklift Sign:

Do Not Use Forklift Sign

6. Do Not Use Equipment Sign:

Do Not Use Equipment Sign

7. Do Not Use Elevator Sign:

Do Not Use Elevator Sign

Certain areas have elevators for people to access the top floors, but at times, there might be some fixed regulations on the usage of these lift services. Some elevators are strictly limited for special authorities or selective persons, and are out of reach for the common masses.

You can use this Do Not Use Elevator Sign in these areas to keep the people informed regarding the regulations of the premises. You might need this printable even for cases where the elevator is out of order or broken, and hence, you have to inform the masses about the current scenario, which is when the sign comes in handy.

8. Do Not Use Dumpster Sign:

Do Not Use Dumpster Sign

9. Do Not Use Door Sign:

Do Not Use Door Sign

10. Do Not Use Desk Sign:

Do Not Use Desk Sign

11. Do Not Use Chair Sign:

Do Not Use Chair Sign

12. Do Not Use Cell Phone Sign:

Do Not Use Cell Phone Sign

13. Do Not Use Bathroom Sign:

Do Not Use Bathroom Sign

The Do Not Use Bathroom sign is a customizable printable that is presented to you in a simple PDF format, making it easily accessible and allowing you to modify the design by adding further specified details if needed. You can make a variety of textual contents using this printable sign.

This sign can be used in places that have a bathroom under renovation or out of order, and the authorities can successfully spread the message to the visitors using the simple and uncomplicated approach of this printable. The use of bright and vibrant colors makes the design visually appealing.

14. Danger Do Not Use Sign:

Danger Do Not Use Sign


The above-listed printable on Danger Do Not Use Sign comes in handy for venues that work with important elements that need to be handled with care and caution. These items might have huge value or might be hazardous to health and hence, need to be kept away from the reach of the people.

The sign clearly conveys the message by informing the viewers about a possible danger upon neglecting the instructions. It includes a symbolic demonstration along with a distinct textual warning that enhances the seriousness of the printable and the message it is delivering.

15. Broken Do Not Use Sign:

Broken Do Not Use Sign

Several public places that have many visitors entering and leaving them daily might be prone to regular damages, making it compulsory for the authorities to conduct well-scheduled maintenance services that keep the premises and their facilities usable to the masses.

A damaged or broken portion of an area needs to be kept distant from the public reach, as unwanted visitors can hurt themselves or cause commotion if they enter the place. This Broken Do Not Use Sign can be made into posters, stickers, placards, signboards, banners and flyers that spread the idea quickly.

16. Please Do Not Use Sign:

Please Do Not Use Sign


This simple printable on Please Do Not Use Sign spreads the message using a polite tone, making it perfect for viewers from every age group, and can be used as posters, banners, stickers, signals, signboards and flyers in various venues, ranging from personal to professional spaces.

The sign clearly states the note using an uncomplicated design, that includes a light toned background which highly complements the bold and vibrant hues of the textual contents. It also represents a symbolic message that adds up to the subject matter, making the printable easily understandable.

17. Not in Use Sign:

Not in Use Sign

18. Door Not in Use Sign:

Door Not in Use Sign

19. Do Not Use Water Sign:

Do Not Use Water Sign

20. Do Not Use Water fountain Sign:

Do Not Use Water fountain Sign

21. Do Not Use Washing Machine Sign:

Do Not Use Washing Machine Sign

22. Do Not Use Urinal Sign:

Do Not Use Urinal Sign

23. Do Not Use Toilet Sign:

Do Not Use Toilet Sign

24. Do Not Use This Seat Sign:

Do Not Use This Seat Sign

25. Do Not Use This Door Sign:

Do Not Use This Door Sign

26. Do Not Use Stairs Sign:

Do Not Use Stairs Sign

27. Do Not Use Sink Sign:

Do Not Use Sink Sign

28. Do Not Use Sign:

Do Not Use Sign

29. Do Not Use Shower Sign:

Do Not Use Shower Sign

30. Do Not Use Seat Sign:

Do Not Use Seat Sign

31. Do Not Use Restroom Sign:

Do Not Use Restroom Sign

32. Toilet Not in Use Sign:

Toilet Not in Use Sign

33. Printable Do Not Use Sign:

Printable Do Not Use Sign

34. Please Do Not Use Toilet Sign:

Please Do Not Use Toilet Sign

35. Please Do Not Use This Door Sign:

Please Do Not Use This Door Sign


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