10+ Free Printable Easter Chalkboard Art & Ideas

It is a new trend nowadays to decorate homes with Chalkboard art. It is a creative way to express your ideas and thoughts. As Easter is ringing the doorbells, It is the perfect time to try out some ideas for Easter-themed Chalkboard Art. Chalkboard art is an absolutely amazing way to add a personal touch to your Easter Decoration.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you are a beginner or a pro at drawing, as Chalkboard art is a fun way of decoration.

In this collection, we have added 15+ unique chalkboard Easter theme printable design concept which you can instantly download and use in your design project without having to create Easter art from scratch. Would you like to create art on your own? Here is the things you should follow but before that check out these initial 4 printable art.

Easter Chalkboard Printable Easter Artwork Free Printable

1) Easter Chalkboard Printable

2) Easter Artwork Free Printable

Happy Easter Chalkboard Printable Free Happy Easter Chalkboard Printable

3) Happy Easter Chalkboard Printable

4) Free Happy Easter Chalkboard Printable

Simple guide to crate Easter Chalkboard Art on Your own

To begin, grab the following materials- chalkboard, chalk markers, eraser, and stencils. You can find these stuff in any convenience store or art supply store. Chalk markers are available in various colors, and it helps to make the design vibrant and lasting designs.

But it is very important to know the details of how to use these markers, such as how to draw and how to give shading using these and coloring techniques. With just a few simple tricks, you will be able to create magical art. These will never fail to impress your friends and families.

You will definitely need to practice the designs a few times. Once you have learned the basic techniques to use them, go ahead and try out new ideas. Starting from Easter eggs and bunnies flowers to anything you can think of. There are different ways to design your chalk art in no time.

To Display your designs, you can hang them around your house for people to look at. You can make it more interesting with some quotes relating your ideas. This will give your designs a nice touch. Make sure to maintain your designs to keep them from getting dirty.

With all these in mind, you will be able to make incredible personalized Easter-themed Chalkboard art for the holiday decorations. How about now, you give it a real try?

Easter Theme Chalkboard Easter Large Chalkboard Art

5) Easter Theme Chalkboard

6) Easter Large Chalkboard Art

Easter Egg Chalkboard Easter Easy Chalkboard Drawings

7) Easter Egg Chalkboard

8) Easter Easy Chalkboard Drawings

Unique Easter Chalkboard Art Ideas

  1. Easter Quotes and Phrases: This is one of the simplest ways to make your easter Chalkboard art designs unique and appealing. The use of popular Easter Quotes adds a nice touch to them. For example:
    • “Happy Easter!”
    • Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on its way!”
    • Let’s celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.”
    • Rejoice! He has risen.”
    • “Easter Blessing to you and your near and dear ones!

    To use this quotes think a little outside the box and stand out in the crowd with your creativity.

  • Easter bunnies: Bunnies are one of the central themes of this Easter day design. Start with two bunnies on the top of your Chalkboard, starting with two bunny ears and then add the facial details and the rest of the body. Don’t forget the whiskers. You also add any additional details you think will make it interesting.
  • Easter Eggs: Easter eggs are the most popular theme used to decorate the Chalkboard on this holiday. With easter eggs, the themes can be conveyed well. For this design, just drawing a few oval shapes and drawing for patterns on them can really help you to bring out the theme with a personal touch.
  • Spring Flowers: Flowers definitely have the power to lighten the mood of any mundane soul. Make various types of flowers in size, shape, and color. The spring is mentioned in this segment to show that the spring flowers have very vibrant and bold colors. You can also add some 3D effects for pop effects.
  • Easter Baskets: The Easter Baskets are the classic element of this holiday. You can definitely add some baskets along with other elements in your design. Make sure to fill the baskets with anything you want. This will definitely add a goofy touch to your designs.

Now that you have learned about it go ahead and incorporate them in your ideas and make something that will absolutely impress everyone.


Easter Easy Chalkboard Art Easter Chalkboard Ideas

9) Easter Easy Chalkboard Art

10) Easter Chalkboard Ideas

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