10+ Easter Cross (Printable & Clip Arts)

When it comes to signs or symbols, A Cross is undoubtedly one of the most recognized symbols in the world. It represents the sacrifice made by our loving one and only Jesus Christ for the redemption of our inner soul and humanity. Easter season gives a greater significance to the cross representing the hope and promise of resurrection.

Since the following has begun, the Easter cross has been an integral part of Easter Art and the Easter celebration in Christian tradition and community. So, the cross is used in different elements in Easter. In this listicle, we have come up with 12+ creative Easter Cross designs, which are ready to print and could be downloaded absolutely for free.

Explore the entire listed asset and feel free to utilize them in your Ester Celebration, design project, and any other form you might find handy.

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Types of Easter Crosses We have Included in our list:

Easter Cross represents the ultimate scarifies made by Jesus Christ for mankind and the hope of resurrection. For the love of Jesus, here we have included different types of Easter Crosses, which different cultures and regions have developed over the years to add to the variations of the Easter Cross.

  • Decorated Cross: This is certainly one of the most common types of Easter cross used widely in churches and homes during the Easter season. They are made of wood and decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers and complementary ribbons. Color also plays an important role in this type of Easter Cross..
  • Floral Cross: When the entire cross is made of the flower, we call them a floral cross. If you plan to celebrate Easter this season in a colorful way, then Floral Easter Cross could be your theme. These types of cross are also quite often used in Churches and outdoor spaces during Easter Season as a symbol of hope, and resurrection.
  • Palm Cross: We have also included a Palm Cross made of palm fronds. They are widely used on palm Sundays to announce the Easter Holy Week beginning.
  • Greek Cross: We also have 2 beautiful Greek Cross designs in our list..
  • Celtic Cross: Want a circular or oval-shaped Cross? Check out our collection of Celtic Cross, which has a perfect presentation to symbolize the connection between nature and the divine.


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