20+ Under Construction Sign

An under construction sign is mainly used to indicate that a building, road, or other structure is currently under the process of construction or repair. These signs are an effective tool to warn people about the possible danger and advice them to stay away from the construction area to keep themselves safe.

Under construction signs are mainly displayed outside the building, which is why they are mainly made of durable materials. Plastic and tin plates are the two main materials used to make them to withstand different weather and harsh conditions of a construction site. But printable Under Construction Signs can also be used if they are laminated well.

We have listed 20+ Under Construction Signs here, which are well crafted, versatilely designed, and feature the preferable orange with black lettering. The design list is diversified with different additional information, including the name of the company performing the work, how long the site will be closed for maintenance, contraction, or repair, and any other relevant details.

Additionally, these signs have editable PDF files which could be downloaded for personalized modification. Follow the general PDF editing guideline and you can include any customized, relevant details in the design template.

1. Under Construction Sign Clip Art:

Under Construction Sign Clip Art

2. Under-Construction-Sign-Printable:

Under Construction Sign Printable

3. Under-Construction-Signage:

Under Construction Signage

This particular sign can be displayed on the roadside where a new road is being built, or the existing road is being repaired, or on a building construction site. The main reason to display this sign is to prevent the passerby from any mishaps happening Near the construction site.

There might be many accidents, like any brick or boulders, that might fall on a passerby and insure him in the process. This sign is very important as it makes sure that people are off limits and hence, no injury is done.

4. Under Renovation Sign:

Under Renovation Sign

An under renovation sign can alternatively be used instead of under-construction signs. The message this sign sends across is somewhat the same as an under construction sign: to warn people to stay away from the renovation area to keep themselves safe from any possible accidents.

5. Caution Under Construction Sign:

Caution Under Construction Sign

6. Cute Under Construction Sign:

Cute Under Construction Sign

7. Funny Under Construction Sign:

Funny Under Construction Sign

Under construction signs are extremely critical to maintain the safety of any renovation or maintenance project. We have listed several straightforward warnings under construction signs, but they do not have to be boring all the time.

To spice things up a little bit, adding a touch of customized humor to your under construction sign will send across the message in a light manner and also make them more memorable.

I know you are full of ideas to write your own funny texts into the Under construction sign but to help you out, here some of the ideas you can use as well.

  • “Our site is under construction, but at least it’s not on fire”
  • “This place is under renovation, but don’t worry, we’re not rebuilding it from the ground that you will never see it back again.”


8. Office Under Construction Sign:

Office Under Construction Sign

9. Pool Under Construction Sign:

Pool Under Construction Sign

10. Under Construction Printable Sign:

Under Construction Printable Sign

11. Under Construction Road Work:

Under Construction Road Work

12. Under Construction Symbol:

Under Construction Symbol

13. Warning Under Construction Sign:

Warning Under Construction Sign

14. Area Under Construction Sign:

Area Under Construction Sign

15. Building Under Construction Sign:

Building Under Construction Sign

16. Danger Construction Sign:

Danger Construction Sign

17. End Construction Sign:

End Construction Sign

18. Free Under Construction Symbol:

Free Under Construction Symbol

19. Printable Pool Under Construction Sign:

Printable Pool Under Construction Sign

20. Printable Under Construction Sign:

Printable Under Construction Sign


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