30+ Christmas Signs (Happy/Closed/Open/Sale Sign)

Christmas Day is a worldwide celebrated religious festival that marks the birth anniversary of Jesus, a spiritual leader of the Christian community. It is celebrated on 25th December during winter, with decorations like socks, celebratory accessories, and, primarily, the Christmas Tree and is declared a holiday in most parts of the world.

Most families have parties and gatherings on Christmas. Workplaces stay closed and commercial sites have leaves or fixed working hours, with some of them offering Christmas sales. Each of these places can utilize printable Christmas Signs to enhance the festive mood.

While celebratory decorations are important during this festive event, making cards, posters, banners, flyers, and signboards from these signs can ease the work and is appropriate for use in private parties, official gatherings, commercial sectors, and other public places.

This compilation of 30+ printable signs enlisted below has covered every relevant message connected to Christmas festivities in different designs; the PDF format helps you to download them quickly using the click-to-download feature.

You can download selective signs as per your choice or get the entire collection to make Christmas work schedule signs, Sales information, or invitational content and further customize them to meet specific requirements, if any. The varied collection is well-designed for every possible Christmas scenario.

1. We Are Open On Merry Christmas Sign:

We Are Open On Merry Christmas Sign


Many commercial sectors like malls, theaters, convenience stores, restaurants, and other areas with public access stay open on the Christmas day; who can inform people about their work schedule using this well-decorated We Are Open On Merry Christmas sign.

The We Are Open On Merry Christmas sign comes in handy for stores that stay open on Christmas day. They can print signboards, posters, banners, stickers, and placards stating the information and use them for decorative purposes as well since the designs are quite festive.

2. We Are Open From A.M. To P.M. Merry Christmas Sign:

We Are Open From A.M. To P.M. Merry Christmas Sign


Several commercial sectors have fixed working hours on Christmas day, like shopping malls, multiplexes, museums, parks, stores, and utility centers. They can quickly customize this We Are Open From A.M. To P.M. Merry Christmas sign to mention their work hours and inform the visitors accordingly.

This sign is capable of spreading the said information alongside wishing the viewers on the Christmas day. You can simply download the printable to make signboards and posters with it. It successfully conveys the message with a decorative Christmas-themed visual, enhancing the festive mood.

3. Our Office Will Be Open On Merry Christmas Signs:

Our Office Will Be Open On Merry Christmas Signs

4. We Will Be Closed On Merry Christmas Day Sign:

We Will Be Closed On Merry Christmas Day Sign

5. We Are Closed Merry Christmas Hours Sign:

We Are Closed Merry Christmas Hours Sign

Many public sectors like offices, educational sites, stores, malls, parks, and other areas stay closed on Christmas, while some have early ending shifts on the festive day. You can download this We Are Closed On Merry Christmas Hours sign for informing the same to the people.

Places that are entirely closed for Christmas festivities can customize the sign to mention about their schedule, while the ones that have early ending shifts can format the closing time to present a detailed message alongside wishing the visiting masses on the Christmas day.

6. We Are Closed Christmas Day Sign:

We Are Closed Christmas Day Sign

7. Our Office Will Be Closed On Merry Christmas Sign:

Our Office Will Be Closed On Merry Christmas Sign

8. Merry Christmas Special Offer Sale Sign:

Merry Christmas Special Offer Sale Sign

The Merry Christmas Special Offer Sale sign is appropriate for shopping complexes, convenience stores, restaurants, and other commercial sites that are giving out offers and discounts on the special day of Christmas, which helps in accumulating more profit.

The elaborate and colorful graphics with the complementary font styles makes this design perfect to use as banners, posters, stickers, placards, signboards, or flyers that advertise the offers of a store while wishing everyone on the Christmas day.

9. Merry Christmas Sale Signs:

Merry Christmas Sale Signs

10. Blue Closed For Merry Christmas Signs:

Blue Closed For Merry Christmas Signs

11. Red Merry Christmas Sign:

Red Merry Christmas Sign

12. Red and Green Merry Christmas Sign:

Red and Green Merry Christmas Sign

The Christmas day marks elaborate celebrations, including the Christmas tree, gifts, decorations, and family events. Many households invite their near and dear ones on Christmas to celebrate the day together, enjoying fun activities and having meals together.

This Red And Green Merry Christmas sign is very helpful for making a quick Christmas invitation card, Christmas decorations with posters and stickers, or even labeling gifts and presents. A simple click and download feature allows you to custom-make this sign into any invitational content.

13. Gold Modern Christmas Signs:

Gold Modern Christmas Signs

14. Green Christmas Dinner Party Invitation Sign:

Green Christmas Dinner Party Invitation Sign

The above-listed Green Christmas Dinner Party Invitation sign is handy for making flyers, cards, posters, or banners for private Christmas parties or celebratory gatherings. The customizable structure of this printable lets you specify your personal date and time details.

The sign has a Christmas-themed color in the background, decorated with party accessories as graphical implementations in it. The animated Santa Claus completes the look, enhancing the mood of the Christmas day, and making the printable perfectly suitable for various uses.

15. Creative Green Merry Christmas Sign:

Creative Green Merry Christmas Sign


Sending a Christmas card to your close people has been a long-lived tradition in areas with prevalent Christian residents. You can wonderfully make this customizable Creative Green Merry Christmas sign into invitation or greeting cards, posters, and stickers for decorations.

The printable includes a photo of Christmas decorations and has been further modified with an attractive text greeting and several animated symbols that are significantly connected to the Christmas day. This downloadable sign is helpful to be used in emails and parcels as well.

16. Wishing You A Merry Christmas Signs:

Wishing You A Merry Christmas Signs

17. Modern Merry Christmas Sign:

Modern Merry Christmas Sign

18. Merry Christmas Signs PDF:

Merry Christmas Signs PDF


The Merry Christmas Sign PDF is a downloadable printable which is presented to you in PDF format for easy download and customization options. It has a vivid graphical representation through the animated Christmas-themed content presented in the sign.

This well-designed Christmas sign is perfect for crafting an invitation or greeting card, decorative posters, and Christmas-themed banners that can be placed in private, professional, or public places to share the Christmas joys and wish every viewer on this special day.

19. Merry Christmas Sign Format:

Merry Christmas Sign Format

For offices and professional sectors where you wish people through mail and celebrate the festive day with simple decorations, this sign can be perfect for uses like mail attachments, cards, posters, banners, and festive party flyers, and the easy download procedure is appealing too.

The sign gives out the message of Merry Christmas with an uncomplicated design and simple animated decorations added to the linguistic content. It has the Christmas-themed hues to further prioritize every Christmas day-related festivities and events.

20. Celebrating Merry Christmas Sign:

Celebrating Merry Christmas Sign

21. Merry Christmas Party Hours Sign PDF:

Merry Christmas Party Hours Sign PDF

22. Festive Christmas Hours Sign:

Festive Christmas Hours Sign

23. Christmas Festival Party Hours Signs:

Christmas Festival Party Hours Signs


Many places and families organize Christmas parties with their close friends, relatives, and colleagues; some public areas have Christmas concerts and parties for everyone. To make the party preparations easier, you can simply download this sign and print it into posters, cards, and banners.

If your party has fixed hours, you can customize the sign to add the party details like date, time, venue, and costume codes. Including a subtle list of the probable activities for the day can also be mentioned to make the printable a complete and efficient guide on the party attributes.

24. Black And White Merry Christmas Signs:

Black And White Merry Christmas Signs


A simple sign like the above listed printable is very helpful to be used for varied purposes like printing banners, posters, stickers, placards, signboards, or flyers and even for simple greeting cards, mail attachments, invitation notes, or promotional content.

The Black And White Merry Christmas sign allows customization to add more specificity to the printable, mentioning detailed messages if needed. The uncomplicated design with bicolor attributes allows you to spread the celebratory joys of the Christmas day to every individual.

25. Printable Merry Christmas Sign:

Printable Merry Christmas Sign

26. Merry Christmas Signs:

Merry Christmas Signs

27. Merry Christmas Outdoor Sign:

Merry Christmas Outdoor Sign

28. Welcome To Merry Christmas Sign:

Welcome To Merry Christmas Sign


Places and properties that organize parties and get-togethers on Christmas day need different party accessories to be ready before the auspicious day. If you are looking for an elegant yet simple way to accelerate the decorative processes, you can use this printable.

This Welcome To Merry Christmas sign can be used as invitation cards, party banners, posters, flyers, and stickers to decorate the party venue with its graphical demonstrations related to Christmas festivities. Properties with pets can utilize this sign since it portrays the Christmas mood through the included photograph.

29. Merry Christmas Welcome Sign:

Merry Christmas Welcome Sign

30. Merry Christmas Star Sign:

Merry Christmas Star Sign


The Christmas day marks specific decorations like the Christmas tree, party decorations, wreaths, and the very important Santa Claus as figurines or costume dress-ups. The Christmas tree is decorated in an elaborate manner with shiny decorations and a star on the top.

The Merry Christmas Star sign printable is accurate for use in Christmas parties and gatherings, where people can be invited using the sign as greeting cards, or the party venue can be decorated with posters and banners made of this printable, which enhances the Christmas mood.

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