27+ Restroom/Bathroom/Toilet Out Of Order Signs

Public areas like recreational parks, museums, shopping malls, multiplexes, convenience stores, official sectors, business hubs, commercial sites, medical grounds, and many other places have public toilets to allow visitors to use them.

You can download and print these easily accessible signs from the below-listed collection of printables on Restroom/ Bathroom/ Toilet Out of Order Signs that can be made into posters, stickers, placards, signboards, banners, or door hangers to prevent any unaware person from entering the area.

Since most of the above-named properties have multiple toilets, they maintain them through rotational cleaning shifts, and keep the one that is undergoing a sanitation operation out of the public’s reach. To successfully do so, they need to warn these people about the availability of the toilet. They can also put up Wait Here Signs to ask people to wait till the bathroom cleaning is done and warm them with Slippery When Wet Signs or Printable Wet Floor Signs.

This compilation of 28+ Restroom/ Bathroom/ Toilet Out of Order Signs has a PDF format that allows you to customize or modify them by adding further content to meet any specific needs. Each of them has a different design and spread a varied set of messages to the viewers, making a list perfectly covered for every relevant situation.

1. Bathroom Out Of Order Sign:

Bathroom Out Of Order Sign

At times, public toilets and washrooms that allow public access need to stay closed for a period of time, mostly due to overuse and hygiene conditions. Also, these buildings are more prone to damage because they do not belong to anyone personally.

In such situations, this Bathroom Out Of Order Sign comes in handy. It has a simple yet vibrant design and uses bright colors with bold fonts to firmly spread the warning alert. The symbolic implementations enhance the main motto, helping the people to understand it clearly. Alternatively, you can also temporarily display the Do Not Enter Sign.

Restroom out of order signs

Restroom Out Of Order Sign

2. Toilet Is Out Of Order:

Toilet Is Out Of Order

3. Toilet Caution Sign:

Toilet Caution Sign


While most public places have different washrooms for different categories of people; there are times when the entire washroom section stays closed, especially if there is another one available on another floor or in a different direction. You can use the Toilet Caution Sign for such instances.

The dark background with attractive tones of vibrant colors makes sure to attract the attention of every person who is passing by the sign, getting the job done perfectly. It has bold cautionary content with graphical demonstrations that make the printable perfect for every relevant scenario.

4. Toilet Broken Sign:

Toilet Broken Sign

The Toilet Broken Sign is a useful printable for venues that have a toilet with breakage in the bathroom structures and is undergoing a renovation. The downloadable printable states the note clearly to ensure that the people are aware of the availability of the toilet and do not barge in unnecessarily.

You can use the click-to-download feature of these printables and make this sign into posters, stickers, placards, sign boards, banners, or any other cautionary content. It has a simple design that is easily understandable and emphasizes the information using animated content.

5. Toilet Break Sign:

Toilet Break Sign

6. Toilet Out Of Order Do Not Use Sign:

Toilet Out Of Order Do Not Use Sign

7. Sorry Toilet Is Out Of Order Sign:

Sorry Toilet Is Out Of Order Sign

8. Sink Out Of Order Sign:

Sink Out Of Order Sign

This printable on the Sink Out Of Order Sign is applicable for any washroom that has a broken sink, which does not work or can cause leakage if used. People need to stay aware of such bathroom structures; hence, this sign comes in handy.

The uncomplicated outlook of this printable makes it accurate for every place that has a sink problem. You can simply make posters and stickers out of this printable and paste them over the sink or near it. Informing the people beforehand about the condition of the sink shall help to reduce commotion and chaos.

9. Restroom Out Of Order Printable Sign:

Restroom Out Of Order Printable Sign

Some public places have restrooms that need to undergo cleaning or renovations. Any toilet-related issues can be addressed to the people using this Restroom Out Of Order Printable Sign that conveys the message with clarity amidst the viewers, reducing misconceptions or uncalled conversations.

The sign has a distinct textual warning alongside an arrow to point toward the mentioned restroom. You can make stickers, posters, banners, placards, or door hangers using this printable and easily inform the visitors regarding the unfortunate scenario.

10. Printable Toilet Out Of Order Sign:

Sink Out Of Order Sign

11. Out Of Order Toilet Sign:

Out Of Order Toilet Sign

12. Out of order Sign For Bathroom:

Out of order Sign For Bathroom

13. Funny Toilet Out Of Order Sign:

Funny Toilet Out Of Order Sign

14. Out Of Order Bathroom Sign:

Out Of Order Bathroom Sign

15. Black And White Toilet Is Out Of Order:

Black And White Toilet Is Out Of Order

This simple yet informative Black And White Toilet is Out Of Order printable sign helps people to understand the message quickly without any unwanted complications. It portrays a bold and bright set of text including a symbolic representation to make things even more understandable.

While this printable can be further customized, you can use it as it is for professional and private uses. Make posters and stickers out of it and place them near a toilet that is undergoing work or has broken accessories.

16. Warning Out Of Order Bathroom Signs:

Warning Out Of Order Bathroom Signs

17. Urinal Out Of Order Sign:

Urinal Out Of Order Sign

Most public areas have different toilets for different genders. The male toilets or urinals have a different design than the women’s ones. This Urinal Out Of Order Sign is perfectly suitable for areas that have a broken urinal or one that is undergoing renovations.

Many schools and offices have urinals on every floor, making things easier when the cleaners come to maintain them. At times, the toilets are deliberately kept closed when they get cleaned by professionals.

18. Toilet Under Repair Sign:

Toilet Under Repair Sign

19. Toilet Temporarily Out Of Order Sign:

Toilet Temporarily Out Of Order Sign

20. Toilet Paper Sign:

Toilet Paper Sign

21. Toilet out Of Use Sign:

Toilet out Of Use Sign

22. Toilet Out Of Service Sign:

Toilet Out Of Service Sign

23. Toilet Not Working Sign:

Toilet Not Working Sign

24. Toilet Not In Use Signs:

Toilet Not In Use Signs

25. Toilet Not In Use Sign:

Toilet Not In Use Sign

26. Washroom Out Of Order Sign:

Washroom Out Of Order Sign

27. Do Not Enter Bathroom Sign:

Do Not Enter Bathroom Sign

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