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Labor day is celebrated in the United States as a federal holiday on the first Monday of the month of September. It honors and recognizes the services of the working laborers who add credit to America’s development and achievements. The American labor movement paved the way for this auspicious day.

For workers and laborers who actively pay for their services to the nation, this day is a celebration of their supportive services to the country. Many public properties like official grounds, government properties, heritage sites and commercial sectors celebrate this day by putting up Labor Day Signs.

The work of laborers and workers is very hard, it is physically tough and requires strength and health to conduct, but their pay scales are usually lower than the white collar jobs. So, this day supports these people for their selfless acts and honors them for helping the nation to achieve more and develop.

This compilation below has a list of 20+ printables on Labor Day Signs that can be used to make signboards, stickers, posters, banners, placards and flyers to celebrate this federal holiday. They are presented to you in a simple, PDF format that makes them easily downloadable and customizable.

1. Black And White Labor Day Sign:

Black And White Labor Day Sign


The Black And White Labor Day Sign has a simple outlook using bold textual contents that are brightly visible on the light toned background. The complementary tones make the sign visually appealing, attracting the attention of every person who is passing by the sign.

It includes a graphical portrayal of a laborer’s hand, which signifies the motto of this printable and makes it perfect for the celebratory preparation of this day. The bicolored sign can be made into different usable contents that are applicable for celebrational and occasional premises.

2. Happy Labor Day Sign Template:

Happy Labor Day Sign Template


This printable on Happy Labor Day Sign Printable has an elaborate and vivid design with a subtle textual message and intricate graphical demonstrations. It portrays animated characters of different laborers and workers from various fields, paying respect and tribute to all of them on this special day.

The bright background is highly contrasting with the colorful characters alongside the bold and dark texts. The sign has an aesthetic approach to spreading the note, making it useful for professional as well as private spaces. The playful depiction makes it understandable to people from every age group.

3. Happy Labor Day Sign Printable:

Happy Labor Day Sign Printable

Properties like convenience stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and several other public places hire different workers and laborers to maintain the atmosphere of the area. Such places celebrate this day with utmost importance, and this Happy Labor Day Sign Printable might come in handy for these venues.

While most laborers have a hard working schedule on a daily basis, they can use a day of respect and celebration to realize their worth and have a day off. Celebratory activities on this day are quite common in places that have laborers working; hence, this sign can be used to enhance the message, making it perfect for decorative purposes.

4. Happy Labor Day Sign PDF:

Happy Labor Day Sign PDF

5. Happy Labor Day Sale Sign:

Happy Labor Day Sale Sign

Many areas that sell products like groceries, convenience stores, medical shops, restaurants, shopping malls, and other public accessed complexes have special offers on their products for the Labor Day, making the day even more special for their customers.

You can print this Happy Labor Day Sale Sign and make signboards, stickers, posters, banners, placards and flyers with it and spread it around the entire premises or near the entrance.

6. Happy Labor Day Hour Sign:

Happy Labor Day Hour Sign


7. Creative Labor Day Sign:

Creative Labor Day Sign


The Creative Labor Day Sign is evidently applicable for public places that celebrate this federal holiday to pay their respects to the selfless services of the laborers and workers. The visual appeal of this printable makes it attractive to human eyes as it uses a varied palette of bright and vibrant colors.

It has graphical implementations of animated laborer arms with work tools that portray their importance in the society, making them one of the reasons behind the development and success of America. The vivid animations and intricate designs used in the printable add to the essence of this holiday.

8. Cool happy Labor Day Sign:

Cool happy Labor Day Sign



The Labor Day is recognized to celebrate the services of workers and laborers from different service fields, and venues that require decorative accessories to add to the celebratory activities can use this Cool Happy Labor Day Sign to make signboards, stickers, posters, banners, and stickers.

You can download it easily with the click-to-download feature of these PDF format printables and even customize them further to modify the design or add any specific details if needed. The elaborate graphics and symbolic demonstrations in the sign make it suitable for every Labor Day celebration.

9. Closed For On Labor day Sign:

Closed For On Labor day Sign


Places like industries, factories, customer service sectors, commercial sites and so on hire several laborers to conduct their work operations. These properties tend to stay closed on Labor Day to acknowledge the services of the people and help them enjoy a day for their own interests.

Venues that keep their premises closed on the Labor Day can use this printable on Closed For On Labor Day Sign to let the people know about their work schedule and inform them regarding their availability due to staff leaving on this special holiday.

10. Celebrating Hour Labor Day Sign:

Celebrating Hour Labor Day Sign


The Celebrating Hour Labor Day Sign is perfectly applicable for places that have fixed work schedules on the Labor day under specific shift timings, and won’t be available for the masses beyond these hours. The sign helps the premises to allow everyone to know about their availability.

While informing the people regarding their shift hours, the authorities can use this sign as signboards, posters, stickers, placards, banners and stickers to spread the message of celebrations and enhance the idea of paying respect and honoring the laborers and workers whose service helps the entire nation to grow.

11. We will be Closed On Labor Day Sign:

We will be Closed On Labor Day Sign


12. We Are Open On Labor Day Sign:

We Are Open On Labor Day Sign


13. We Are Closed On Labor Day Sign:

We Are Closed On Labor Day Sign


14. Printable Labor Day Sign:

Printable Labor Day Sign

The printable listed above has a simple design. It uses subtle textual content of different fonts to attract the eyes of the viewers and spread the celebratory message among them. The printable has a bicolored approach making it easily understandable and visually attractive.

This Printable Labor Day Sign can be used for private, public and professional uses, in order to emphasize the celebrations. You can use it to make signboards, stickers, posters, banners, greeting cards, invitation cards, flyers and several other contents.

15. Our Office Will Be Closed On Labor Day Sign:

Our Office Will Be Closed On Labor Day Sign

16. Our Office Wil Be Open On Labor Day Sign:

Our Office Wil Be Open On Labor Day Sign

17. Open For Labor Day Sign:

Open For Labor Day Sign

18. Labor Day Weekend Closed Signs:

Labor Day Weekend Closed Signs

Many public sectors, official grounds and commercial sites have holidays on Labor Day, and some extend the work order throughout the weekend to enhance the joy and happiness of the laborers and workers. Such premises can use this printable on Labor Day Weekend Closed Signs.

The design of this sign has used the color themes of the American flag, making it appropriate for administrative and government sectors as well. It successfully spreads the message and thanks the hard work of the laborers while respecting these workers for their innumerable services to the society.

19. Happy Labor Day Sign:

Happy Labor Day Sign

The Happy Labor Day Sign is useful in portraying the respect and honor every laborer deserves, making them proud of their services. It can be appropriately used on Labor Day in venues that have vivid celebrations for these hard working people.

You can further customize the sign once you have downloaded it by adding modifications and specific details to make it even more suitable for your needs. You can use different fonts and colors to add instructions like date, time and venue.

20. We Will Be Open On Labor Day From A.M to P.M.:

We will be open On labor day from __ A.m to__ p.m.


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