17+ Columbus Day Sign | Printable Open, Closed, Celebration Signs

Columbus Day is recognized as a holiday, and it marks the day Christopher Columbus first arrived in the continent of America. The day is observed as a federal holiday in the United States. Columbus came to America on October 12, 1492, and the celebrations started on October 12, 1792.

Several public areas like educational institutes, official sectors, business hubs, administrative buildings, and commercial sites celebrate this day to mark the event of the discovery of the American continent and these venues can use different Columbus Day Signs to enhance the festivities.

While several areas stay closed on this day, others have their services open for the public alongside organizing an elaborate celebration on this special day. Such areas can use signboards, banners, posters, stickers, placards, and flyers to emphasize the celebrations.

This compilation of 17+ Columbus Day Signs has a variety of designs. It spreads different messages that are relevant to the holiday, making them perfectly suitable for every possible venue that celebrates this federal holiday. You can download these signs and even customize them further using the PDF format.

1. We Will Be Open On Columbus Day From a.m_ p.m_ Sign:

We Will Be Open On Columbus Day From a.m._ p.m._ Sign

Several areas have celebratory activities ongoing on Columbus Day, some of which have fixed work hours on this special holiday. If the premises has specific shift hours for Columbus Day, they can use this We Will Be Open On Columbus Day From A.M. To P.M. Sign to help the visitors learn about their availability.

The sign portrays a straightforward design with its American flag-themed tones that have been used throughout the printable for the textual content as well as the background and highlighting colors. The American flag signs implemented in this sign make it perfect for any venue all over the country.

2. Black  and White Columbus Day Sign:

Black _ White Columbus Day Sign

Several properties celebrate Columbus Day, which marks the discovery of America and the beginning of the civilizations on the continent. The Black-White Columbus Day Sign comes in handy for every celebratory activity that is organized on this holiday.

You can make posters, banners, stickers, signals, signboards, and placards using this sign to decorate a celebration venue or simply to put them out on the roads and public places in order to enhance the emotions of this day, reminding the people about the special holiday and wishing them on the same.

3. Celebrating Hour Columbus Day Sign:

Celebrating Hour Columbus Day Sign

Places that have fixed hours of celebrations on Columbus Day can use the printable Celebrating Hours Columbus Day Sign to inform the people who are visiting the premises about the celebration timings in order to avoid unwanted miscommunications. The sign can be downloaded quickly through the click-to-download feature.

These printables are presented to you in PDF format, which makes it easier for you to download and even customize them. The sign has a perfect design flaunting the American flag theme. You can modify the designs by adding further content or more specific details that meet your distinctive requirements.

4. Closed For Columbus Day Sign:

Closed For Columbus Day Sign

Many areas that have public access stay closed on the federal holiday of Columbus Day to recognize the auspicious holiday and celebrate the beginning of American civilization. The Closed For Columbus Day Sign is useful for these properties as it helps to get the job done with ease.

The sign spreads the message of Columbus Day festivities using animated and vibrant content alongside letting the viewers know about the availability of the premises that have put it up. It helps everyone to enjoy the day and prevents any uncalled visits from uninformed people.

5. Columbus Day Hour Sign:

Columbus Day Hour Sign

6. Cool Columbus Day Sign:

Cool Columbus Day Sign

This simple printable on Cool Columbus Day Sign has vivid graphical and textual content that widely celebrates the special day through patriotic vibes using the theme of the American flag for its colors. It includes the flag as well to enhance the message with clarity and remind the people about this day.

The sign can be used to make signboards, stickers, posters, banners, placards, greeting cards, and invitation notes. It is applicable for private, official and professional uses as the design has an aesthetic approach that gains the attraction of viewers quickly through its straightforward outlook.

7. Creative Columbus Day Sign:

Creative Columbus Day Sign

The Creative Columbus Day Sign has a bold textual message that uses red and blue tones, similar to the colors of the flag of the United States, making it appropriate for professional and official sectors like administrative buildings, government properties, heritage sites, and so on.

The implemented graphical demonstrations add up to the vibes of Columbus Day, marking the festivities and emotions that evidently apply to this special holiday. You can add more specific modifications to the sign if you want using the click-to-download feature of the PDF format.

8. Happy Columbus Day Sale Sign:

Happy Columbus Day Sale Sign

9. Happy Columbus Day Sign:

Happy Columbus Day Sign

The printable listed above has a simple and uncomplicated design on the celebrations of Columbus Day and can be used to make signboards, banners, posters, stickers and placards that enhance the celebratory activities organized on this federal holiday. This sign is suitable for varied uses.

You can download this printable and use it in places like recreational parks, museums, shopping malls, multiplexes, convenience stores, restaurants, educational institutes, official sectors, medical grounds and several other venues that have multiple people accessing them on a regular basis.

10. In Observance Of Columbus Day Sign:

In Observance Of Columbus Day Sign

There are venues that organize elaborate celebrations on Columbus Day to recognize the eventful day when Christopher Columbus arrived in the American continent. Such places can use this printable In Observance Of Columbus Day Sign to let the viewers know about the holiday and emphasize the celebrations.

Most places that have such celebrations organized need decorations and accessories in order to add visual aid to the outlook of the venue and make it even more beautiful. This is where the sign comes in handy, as it can be used as a narrative decoration that gets both jobs done with accuracy.

11. Open For Columbus Day Sign:

Open For Columbus Day Sign

12. Our Office Will be Closed On Columbus Day Sign:

Our Office Will be Closed On Columbus Day Sign

Buildings that have professional or official sectors in them might stay closed for the Columbus Day celebrations, and these places are perfect to use this Our Office Will Be Closed On Columbus Day Sign that clearly informs the people about the work schedule of the premises while enhancing the celebrations.

This sign portrays graphical representations of an animated ship and the American flag that adds up to the motto of this day, spreading the message with clarity among the viewers and depicting the importance of this great day that is important to every American citizen.

13. Our Office Will Be Open On Columbus Day Sign:

Our Office Will Be Open On Columbus Day Sign

14. Printable Columbus Day Sign:

Printable Columbus Day Sign

15. We Are Closed On Columbus Day Sign:

We Are Closed On Columbus Day Sign

16. We Are Open On Columbus Day Sign:

We Are Open On Columbus Day Sign

17. We Will Be Closed Columbus Day Sign:

We Will Be Closed Columbus Day Sign

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