81+ Restroom/Bathroom/Toilet Sign

Public places and venues that have a huge number of visitors accessing them on a daily basis usually have washrooms and toilets for people to use when they are working or visiting the premises. Every area with numerous visitors has an urgent requirement for washrooms to maintain hygiene and stability inside the premises.

Using a Restroom/Bathroom/Toilet Sign, you can quickly inform the people inside the property about the location of the washroom section. Usually, these public toilets have separate spaces based on the two major gender divisions, and some of them also have separate areas for specially-abled visitors that are more spacious and comfortable.

Public venues cover huge areas, and visitors might get frustrated when they need to go to the toilet but cannot locate one. You can inform them using different textual contents like posters, flyers, signboards, stickers, signals, banners, and other useful items that can successfully spread the information with clarity.

The compilation of printables listed below has 81+ Restroom/Bathroom/Toilet Signs that include various designs to depict the subject matter with ease among the viewers, making it accurately useful for every relevant venue. These printables have an easily accessible PDF format, making things easier for you.

1. Handicap Bathroom Sign:

handicap bathroom sign


A place with public access usually acknowledges numerous people visiting them regularly; some of them might have special needs due to physical or mental health issues. These areas have individual washroom facilities for people who suffer from any physical disabilities and have to use wheelchairs or mechanical help to move around.

Handicapped visitors need a comfortable and cozy setup for their washroom section, and hence, the authorities can create one and mark it by using a Handicap Bathroom Sign that shall inform everyone about the availability of the washroom alongside keeping the common people away from using it.

2. Unisex Handicap Bathroom Sign:

unisex handicap bathroom sign

Some areas like educational institutes, medical grounds, official sectors, business hubs, commercial sites, and other important venues have separate washrooms and toilets for specially-abled visitors in order to help them use the bathrooms with ease in a simpler manner.

The Unisex Handicap Bathroom Sign can be used to notify people about the reserved bathroom space meant to be used by the specially-abled masses visiting the property. It also informs the viewers about its unisex nature to avoid unwanted miscommunications and reduce the chances of any hassle.

3. Handicap Washroom Sign:

handicap washroom sign

The Handicap Washroom Sign uses a bright-toned background that attracts the eyes of the people passing by, including the bold and vibrant textual notes that clearly spread the word. It also includes an uncomplicated symbolic demonstration which adds further clarity to the subject matter, getting the job done perfectly.

Posters, stickers, signboards and flyers can be made using this printable and placed above the entrance of the reserved washroom area meant for handicapped visitors. The clear directional indications spread through the implemented arrow sign make the printable easily understandable and quickly readable and can be used in various venues.

4. Handicap Restroom Sign:

handicap restroom sign

5. Black And White Toilet Sign:

Black And White Toilet Sign

Public sectors that have several individuals accessing them daily have to maintain sanitation protocols as well as hygiene standards inside the premises, and hence, they need to have washrooms and toilets for the visitors and the employees of the premises, usually with different spaces for different genders.

The Black And White Toilet Sign is a simple printable that denotes the message using a bicolored design, making the subject matter clear in the eyes of the viewers using a bold and distinct textual note alongside vivid graphical representations, which enhances the idea behind the content.

6. Toilet Under Repair Sign:

Toilet Under Repair Sign


Most public places like recreational parks, museums, shopping malls, multiplexes, convenience stores, restaurants, schools, offices, stations, medical grounds, and other areas have multiple toilets inside the property to allow several people to access them at the same time, reducing chaos and crowds.

These facilities also come in handy when one of the toilets has ongoing renovation or construction works, making it inaccessible to the people. The Toilet Under Repair Sign can be used in these situations to inform everyone about the availability of the toilet area, allowing them to stay alert by reducing unwanted hassle.

7. Toilet Seat Down Sign:

Toilet Seat Down Sign

8. Toilet Paper Sign:

Toilet Paper Sign

9. Toilet Occupied Sign:

Toilet Occupied Sign

When multiple individuals access an area, several of them might have the urge to use the toilets at the same time, creating crowds and rush among the people. In order to reduce miscommunications, the person using the toilet can use this Toilet Occupied Sign to keep the people informed, allowing them to wait patiently.

This straightforward sign effortlessly conveys the message to the viewers. Using a simple and uncomplicated design, this printable perfectly gets the job done with accuracy and clarity. You can make stickers, door hangers, and flyers using this sign and put it up when the toilet area is under use.

10. Toilet Ladies Sign:

Toilet Ladies Sign

Different public sectors have different systems of bathroom and sanitation based on their rules and regulations. Most of these venues provide individual spaces for the different genders, allowing people to use them with comfort and convenience. The two major divisions of toilets that are available in these areas are the Ladies’ and Gents’ sections.

This printable on Toilet Ladies Sign uses a simple design to denote the idea. It warns the viewers about the regulations of the toilet, mentioning the rules about its accessibility towards the female visitors inside the premises. It allows everyone to stay informed and reduces the chances of unwanted and humiliating incidents.

11. Toilet In Use Sign:

Toilet In Use Sign

12. Toilet Door Sign:

Toilet Door Sign

13. Toilet Door Engaged Sign:

Toilet Door Engaged Sign

14. Toilet Closed Sign:

Toilet Closed Sign

15. Toilet Caution Sign:

Toilet Caution Sign

16. Toilet Break Sign:

Toilet Break Sign

17. Toilet Boy Sign:

Toilet Boy Sign

The Toilet Boy Sign is applicable for use in the area that provides a gents toilet or washroom that is specifically made for male users and hence, is out of reach for the female masses. The sign helps to inform everyone about the regulations, preventing the possibility of uncalled and humiliating scenarios.

The light-toned background makes the sign visually attractive, gaining the attention of the viewers with ease. It spreads the message through a bold set of textual contents that have vibrant tones, along with a clear symbolic implementation that adds up to the subject matter, making things even more understandable and clear.

18. Girl Toilet Door Sign:

Girl Toilet Door Sign

19. Toilet Broken Sign:

Toilet Broken Sign


Places that have numerous visitors are prone to more physical damage since they are used by more people. A broken toilet can have unusable toiletries, damaged sinks and taps, or a crushed water pipe that is flooding the toilet from the inside. Entering a broken toilet can be quite a nightmare due to these reasons.

To keep the visitors clearly informed about an out of order toilet area, you can simply put up this Toilet Broken Sign that conveys the message to every viewer with clarity, making the idea well spread among the visitors. The distinct textual contents are enhanced by the accurate graphical representations included in the sign.

20. Boys Toilet Sign:

Boys Toilet Sign

21. Toilet Bowl sign:

Toilet Bowl sign

22. Toilet Arrow Sign:

Toilet Arrow Sign

23. Save Toilet Paper Sign:

Save Toilet Paper Sign


Educational institutes, medical grounds, official sectors, business hubs, commercial sites, and other venues that include various people visiting them regularly in huge numbers have to stock toilet accessories and necessities to allow the visitors to have a smooth and hygienic experience while they are inside the premises.

The Save Toilet Paper Sign can be posted as informative content near the storage area for toilet papers or above the toilet paper roll included inside the washroom. It helps people in locating the toilet paper and also reminds them to use the paper in an environmentally friendly manner by reducing wastage.

24. Put Toilet Seat Down Sign:

Put Toilet Seat Down Sign

25. No Toilet Sign:

No Toilet Sign


some areas do not have any sections such as toilets or washrooms that can be used by the visitors, while some places might be undergoing renovations in the toilet area, keeping it out of reach for some time. These venues do not have any toilet facilities and need to inform everyone about the same to prevent unwanted commotion.

This printable on No Toilet Sign is evidently useful for professional and official uses in places that lack toilet and washroom facilities. You can spread the message across the premises using posters, stickers, and flyers around the area.

The simple and uncomplicated design of this printable makes it easily understandable and quickly readable. The bold and highly contrasting colors used to portray the textual notes can help in gaining the attention of the people passing by. You can download this printable with ease using its click-to-download feature.

26. No Toilet Paper Sign:

No Toilet Paper Sign

Public washrooms and toilets require enormous amounts of toilet paper since they have numerous visitors accessing them on a regular basis. A toilet without tissue paper rolls can be problematic for hygiene and sanitation causes, making it unusable for the common folks, who need to be informed about the same to prevent them from using these spaces.

The authorities of these areas that have a toilet paper shortage inside the premises can use this easily downloadable printable No Toilet Paper Sign that can allow everyone to understand the situation, maintaining stability and reducing misconceptions among the people. You can also customize the sign using its PDF format.


27. Men Toilet Sign:

Men Toilet Sign

28. Leave Toilet Clean Sign:

Leave Toilet Clean Sign

Venues that have many visitors entering them every day can become dirty and unhygienic pretty quickly, especially in the washroom sections that are used by several individuals on a daily basis. You can use this Leave Toilet Clean Sign to inform the users about the desirable regulations, asking them to maintain the hygiene standards.

This simple printable design can quickly spread the message using an uncomplicated approach that portrays the idea through straightforward textual notes. It warns the viewers about the hygiene protocols, requesting them to keep the toilet area clean after use and thus, maintaining the cleanliness inside the washroom.

29. Lady Toilet Sign:

Lady Toilet Sign

30. Funny Toilet Seat Down Sign:

Funny Toilet Seat Down Sign

31. Flush Toilet Paper Sign:

Flush Toilet Paper Sign

32. Cute Toilet Sign:

Cute Toilet Sign

33. Flush Toilet After Use Sign:

Flush Toilet After Use Sign

34. Please Clean Toilet After Use Sign:

Clean Toilet After Use Sign

35. Cat Toilet Sign:

Cat Toilet Sign

36. Toilet Man Sign:

Toilet Man Sign

37. Toilet Male Sign:

Toilet Male Sign

38. Toilet Engaged Sign:

Toilet Engaged Sign

39. Toilet Direction Sign:

Toilet Direction Sign

40. Please Keep This Toilet Clean Sign:

Toilet Clean Sign

41. Toilet Busy Sign:

Toilet Busy Sign

42. Toilet Brush Sign:

Toilet Brush Sign

43. Wipe Toilet Seat Sign:

Wipe Toilet Seat Sign

44. Toilet Vacant Sign:

Toilet Vacant Sign

45. Toilet Vacant Engaged Sign:

Toilet Vacant Engaged Sign

46. Toilet This Way Sign:

Toilet This Way Sign

47. Toilet Sign:

Toilet Sign

48. Toilet Seat Sign:

Toilet Seat Sign

49. Toilet Paper Only Sign:

Toilet Paper Only Sign

50. Airplane Toilet Sign:

Airplane Toilet Sign

51. Please Put Toilet Seat Down Signs:

Please Put Toilet Seat Down Signs

52. Please Put Toilet Seat Down Sign:

Please Put Toilet Seat Down Sign

53. Occupied Toilet Sign:

Occupied Toilet Sign

54. No Toilet Paper In Toilet Sign:

No Toilet Paper In Toilet Sign

55. Man Woman Toilet Sign:

Man Woman Toilet Sign

56. Handicap Toilet Sign:

Handicap Toilet Sign

57. Guest Toilet Sign:

Guest Toilet Sign

58. Gents Toilet Sign:

Gents Toilet Sign

59. Gentlemen Toilet Sign:

Gentlemen Toilet Sign

60. Funny Toilet Sign:

Funny Toilet Sign

61. Flush Toilet Sign:

Flush Toilet Sign

62. Family Toilet Sign:

Family Toilet Sign

63. Disabled Toilet Sign:

Disabled Toilet Sign

64. Clipart Toilet Sign:

Clipart Toilet Sign

65. Clean Toilet Sign:

Clean Toilet Sign

66. Toilet Sign Arrow:

Toilet Sign Arrow

67. Toilet Paper Sign For Bathroom:

Toilet Paper Sign For Bathroom

68. Staff Toilet Sign:

Staff Toilet Sign

69. Squat Toilet Sign:

Squat Toilet Sign

70. Retro Toilet Sign:

Retro Toilet Sign

71. Put Down Toilet Seat Sign:

Put Down Toilet Seat Sign

72. Public Toilet Sign:

Public Toilet Sign

73. Printable Toilet Sign:

Printable Toilet Sign

74. Printable Ambulant Toilet Sign:

Printable Ambulant Toilet Sign

75. Women Toilet Sign:

Women Toilet Sign

76. No Smoking Room Sign:

Wipe The Toilet Seat Sign

77. Visitors Toilet Sign:

Visitors Toilet Sign

78. Vacant Toilet Sign:

Vacant Toilet Sign

79. Unisex Toilet Sign:

Unisex Toilet Sign

80. Toilet Sign Occupied:

Toilet Sign Occupied

81. Toilet Sign For Kids:

Toilet Sign For Kids


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