23+ Fire Extinguisher Signs

Public venues and important areas that acknowledge a huge number of people visiting them on a regular basis have to maintain regulations to ensure the safety and security of the people inside the premises, including arrangements for precautionary measures that might come in handy during emergencies, like accidents involving fire.

Most of these properties have multiple exit ways, specific emergency exits, fire extinguishers and several other facilities to be used during an emergency situation that can cause outrageous hazards. To inform the people about the presence of these facilities, the authorities can simply put up a Fire Extinguisher Sign that clearly spreads the note.

Emergency situations call for urgent measures. Serious accidents like fire outrages can lead to innumerable casualties and havoc health hazards if the premises do not have pre-planned solutions for these scenarios. Every important venue with numerous visitors needs to have fire extinguishers to prevent any unwanted accidents.

The completion of 23+ Fire Extinguisher Signs enlisted below covers a variety of designs that are relevant to the subject matter, each of them spreading the note using a simple and readable outlook. They are presented to you in PDF format, making them easily accessible and quickly downloadable through the click-to-download feature.

1. Black And White Fire Extinguisher Sign:

Black And White Fire Extinguisher Sign

The above printable on Black And White Fire Extinguisher Sign depicts the idea using an uncomplicated design that conveys the message with utmost clarity, keeping the appearance of this sign simple yet informative. It includes bold textual notes that successfully inform the viewers about the fire related facilities.

Using a distinctly visible symbolic implementation, the message is quickly spread through this printable sign. The linguistic contents are presented in a firm manner that attracts the viewers. You can make posters, banners, stickers, signals, signboards, and placards using this printable to spread the message.

2. Water Fire Extinguisher Sign:

Water Fire Extinguisher Sign

Apart from Carbon based fire extinguishers, there are several properties that include hose pipes that can help in managing a fire outrage to stabilize the situation and prevent any unwanted health issues or casualties. These areas can use this Water Fire Extinguisher Sign to keep the people informed.

The bold and vibrant colors used for designing this printable makes it visually attractive, conveying the message through a straightforward outlook. It includes an animated fire extinguisher in the design, making the sign easily understandable and readable to people passing by from every age group.

3. Sign Of Fire Extinguisher:

Sign Of Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers are used to control and stop fire-related accidents, and every public place or property that provides access to numerous people has them inside the premises as precautionary measures for any unwanted scenarios. The extinguisher has to be stored carefully to keep it usable and damage-free.

Tampering the fire extinguisher can lead to uncalled injuries and health issues. Hence, people need to be informed about the presence of a fire extinguisher, which also helps in warning them about keeping their distance, thus preventing any manhandling of the fire extinguisher, which can lead to severe accidents.

4. Red Fire Extinguisher Sign:

Red Fire Extinguisher Sign

The above printable on Red Fire Extinguisher Sign uses a bicolored approach through highly contrasting colors that immediately gain the attention of the people passing by. You can make posters, banners, stickers, signals, signboards, flyers and placards using this elaborate yet simple printable design.

The sign uses a vibrant red color and a complementary white color to design its outlook, which adds visual appeal to the printable. The distinctive bold textual message gets enhanced through the graphical demonstrations included in the sign, making the subject matter clear and readable for every individual passing by.

5. Printable Fire Extinguisher Wall Signs:

Printable Fire Extinguisher Wall Signs

Fire Extinguishers are usually hung in the walls and covered with a protective glass box with breakable access that needs to be damaged when it’s time to use the device. Properties that have numerous visitors accessing them regularly have a mandatory requirement of keeping fire extinguishers on the premises as precautionary measure.

This Printable Fire Extinguisher Wall Signs is a downloadable sign that is presented in PDF format, allowing you to customize it further in order to meet specified requirements, if any. You can modify the design and include more specific details to it to match your demands and make the sign usable if needed.

6. Printable Fire Extinguisher Signs:

Printable Fire Extinguisher Signs

The above printable can be used as posters, banners, stickers, signals, signboards, flyers and placards to inform the people about the presence of a fire extinguisher which can help them during an emergency situation. It has to be placed near the extinguisher, in the way or adjacent to it, allowing people quick access during times of need.

The Printable Fire Extinguisher Signs printable uses black and white tones to design its outlook, making the printable visually appealing through its highly contrasting tones that complement each other. It is easily understandable and quickly readable because of its simple and visible getup.

7. Printable Fire Extinguisher Sign:

Printable Fire Extinguisher Sign

The Printable Fire Extinguisher Sign listed above is a well-designed printable that spreads the note successfully among the viewers, informing them about the fire extinguisher and reminding the people to use it during fire-related emergencies. It has a straightforward design that can be clearly understood.

You can download the printable easily using the simple click-to-download feature that makes it accessible. The animated clipart enhances the importance of the matter along with the distinctly visible textual notes that clearly state the message, making the printable suitable to be used in different venues of private and public sectors.

8. Free Printable Fire Extinguisher Signs:

Free Printable Fire Extinguisher Signs


This Free Printable Fire Extinguisher Signs is a downloadable printable presented to you in PDF format, making the content easily accessible and quickly downloadable through the click to download feature. It conveys the idea using a simple yet vividly aesthetic approach, making the design perfectly suitable for multiple venues.

The clear texts share an important notice among the viewers, alerting them about the fire extinguisher and informing the people about its location. Posters, stickers, placards, signboards, flyers and signals made of this printable can be used in areas that have fire extinguishers as precautionary measures for emergency situations.

9. Free Fire Extinguisher Signs:

Free Fire Extinguisher Signs

10. Foam Extinguisher Sign:

Foam Extinguisher Sign

Many public and professional spaces have an enormous number of people visiting them regularly, and they have to maintain security regulations to ensure the safety of the people and prevent any medical or legal problems. Such properties have several extinguishers, usually different ones for different floors.

Schools, universities, hospitals, official sectors, business hubs, shopping malls, multiplexes, convenience stores, restaurants, museums, libraries, laboratories, medical grounds, and several other venues store fire extinguishers. They can use this Foam Extinguisher Sign to inform everyone and maintain stability during an emergency.

11. Fire Extinguisher Triangle Sign:

Fire Extinguisher Triangle Sign

Fire Extinguishers are usually hung up on the walls, maintaining the storage regulations. They might be covered with glass doors as a protective shield, which needs to be broken during an emergency to access the extinguisher. This Fire Extinguisher Triangle Sign can be used in such places.

You can modify the design of this printable and make signboards, stickers, posters and signals to inform everyone. The design allows you to put the sign up above a fire extinguisher, as it points an arrow towards it, making it easier for the people to understand and use the facility during an accidental fire related outrage.

12. Fire Extinguisher Symbol:

Fire Extinguisher Symbol


This Fire Extinguisher Symbol printable conveys the idea quickly using a clear and simple design that is easily understandable and visually appealing. The subject matter is clearly readable by people from every age group, making it accurate to be used in a variety of venues, ranging from personal to professional spaces.

It depicts the matter using a bicolored design that uses highly complementary tones for its textual content and the background. The implemented animation of fire makes the subject even more clear, enhancing the main motto and helping the authorities in spreading awareness among the people inside the premises.

13. Fire Extinguisher Sign PDF:

Fire Extinguisher Sign PDF


A fire outage can lead to unwanted commotion, severe confusion and utter chaos where the people inside the premises might panic and cause hassle in the evacuation or fire extinguishing procedure. Hence, everyone needs to be kept alert about the location of the fire extinguisher to reduce chaos.

This simple yet informative printable design on Fire Extinguisher Sign PDF has a straightforward outlook that can be utilized to inform the people about the extinguisher with clarity. You can make posters, stickers, placards, signboards and signals using it and place them near the extinguisher to keep the masses informed.

14. Fire Extinguisher Safety Signs:

Fire Extinguisher Safety Signs

15. Fire Extinguisher Point Sign:

Fire Extinguisher Point Sign

16. Fire Extinguisher Location Sign:

Fire Extinguisher Location Sign

This simple Fire Extinguisher Location Sign is a downloadable printable that clearly spreads the note using a bold and distinct textual content along with vividly clear symbolic implementations that add further specificities to the subject matter. It can help in locating the extinguisher during a fire related emergency.

The design uses vibrant and visible content to attract the eyes of the people passing by, making the printable visually appealing. It includes a graphical representation of an arrow that points towards the fire extinguisher, making it suitable to be placed above the extinguisher, allowing the people to notice it from far away.

17. Fire Extinguisher Inside Sign:

Fire Extinguisher Inside Sign


Some venues with high visitor rates store separate fire extinguishers in every floor, or in different sections of the same floor, while others have specific storage areas for all the fire extinguishers, water hose pipes and other emergency necessities. They can put up this Fire Extinguisher Inside Sign near the passage leading to the extinguisher.

Posters, stickers, placards, signboards, banners, and flyers made from this sign can be perfectly capable of spreading the message and informing the people about the location of the fire extinguisher, which can come in handy during an emergency situation to reduce confusion and commotion and conduct a safe procedure of managing the fire outrage.

18. Fire Extinguisher Here Sign:

Fire Extinguisher Here Sign

19. Fire Extinguisher Arrow Sign:

Fire Extinguisher Arrow Sign

20. Fire Distinguisher Sign:

Fire Distinguisher Sign

21. Extinguisher Sign:

Extinguisher Sign

22. Do Not Block Fire Extinguisher Sign:

Do Not Block Fire Extinguisher Sign

23. Co2 Fire Extinguisher Sign:

Co2 Fire Extinguisher Sign


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