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Veterans Day is a US-based federal holiday, which is annually observed on November 11th. The holiday is recognized to honor the military veterans of the armed forces of the United States who had to be discharged for varied causes other than dishonorable reasons.

This day marks the people of US having a day off from their work or school to acknowledge the services of these military veterans, with a legal recommendation of observing two minutes of silence at 2:11pm, as per Eastern Standard Time.

To celebrate this day, many workplaces, public spaces and business hubs put up some posters and signs that acknowledge the heroes of this day, and this is where the below listed signs can be utilized. The signs add visual pleasure to the content, making it more appealing.

We have listed around 25 signs in this compilation which express different attributes of this holiday and each of these can be used as per specific requirements. All the listed signs are provided here in PDF format to make the printing procedure easier.

1. Black And White Veterans Day Sign:

Black And White Veterans Day Sign


Black and white sign have better utility when the message has to be sent out in a simple and clear way. Using this pair of contrasting colors can help the viewers to recognize the cause quickly and also stays in their minds for a longer time due to its simple yet vivid outlook.

This Black And White Veterans Day sign is immensely helpful for professional uses, since it can spread an extremely to-the-point message in a precise manner.

2. We Are Open Veterans Day Sign:

We Are Open Veterans Day Sign


While many places have work-off on this day, some workplaces might need to stay open on the Veterans Day. The We Are Open Veterans Day sign can be used by such places who can pay their respect alongside letting people know that they’re available as well.

3. We Are Open On Veterans Day Sign:

We Are Open On Veterans Day Sign


This sign has multiple colors but sticks to the theme of the colors in the flag of the United States. Signs like these are very appealing for government based workplaces since they can portray the message alongside having a pinch of a patriotic touch to it.

4. We Are Open From A.M. To P.M. Veterans Day Sign PDF:

We Are Open From A.M. To P.M. Veterans Day Sign PDF


For places that have fixed work hours, using a We Are Open A.M. To P.M. Veterans Day sign can be very effective as it celebrates the holiday while mentioning their availability hours simultaneously.

5. We Are Closed on Veterans Day Sign PDF:

We Are Closed On Veterans Day Sign PDF


In case of the offices and workstations that have a holiday on the Veterans day, this sign might come in handy. It can be used to pay tribute while informing the people about their work-off.

6. We Are Closed On Veterans Day Sign:

We Are Closed On Veterans Day Sign


The We Are Closed On Veterans Day sign gives out a clear message to people about the premises’ attainability for this federal holiday.

7. Veterans Day Signage Printable:

Veterans Day Signage Printable


Some places put up holiday signs irrespective of their work schedule. This sign might be useful for such requirements; it efficiently depicts the value of this day. The subtle designs shall convey the idea while maintaining an aesthetic overview.

8. Veterans Day Honor And Remember Sign:

Veterans Day Honor And Remember Sign


This colorful Veterans Day Honor And Remember sign glorifying the federal holiday is very effective for using in promotional causes. Colorful signs tend to interest the younger viewers of the sign and help in building a message with a positive and more realistic appearance, while spreading an idea of optimism towards the Veterans Day.

9. Veterans Day Celebration Signs:

Veterans Day Celebration Signs


Expressing our thoughts gets easier when it has visuals included, as it helps people to understand our thought more effectively. The above Veterans Day Celebration sign can be used to pay respect to the veterans and honor them for their service, along with informing the people about a celebration.

This sign is evident in how these saluting figures are expressing their tribute to the US armed forces veterans on the auspicious holiday of the Veterans Day, which gets the job done easily.

10. Veterans Day Celebration Invitation Time Signs:

Veterans Day Celebration Invitation Time Signs


This Veterans Day Celebration Invitation Time sign is helpful for places that actively celebrate the Veterans Day, as it mentions the celebration timing while inviting people to join it. It pays respect to the veterans as well with its vivid graphical representation.

11. Veterans Day Celebration Hours Sign:

Veterans Day Celebration Hours Sign

12. Veterans Day Celebrating Sign Template:

Veterans Day Celebrating Sign Template

13. Red Creative Veterans Day Sign:

Red Creative Veterans Day Sign

We have added an American flag at the bottom of this design to give the design a patriotic touch. Not only on Veteran’s day, but one can use this sign as a welcome home sign on military retirement, patriotic flag hoisting, Memorial day, Independence Day, etc.

14. Our Office Will Be Open On Veterans Day Sign:

Our Office Will Be Open On Veterans Day Sign


Some work places might be available on this federal holiday despite the national work off; hence putting up a sign that says ‘Our Office Will Be Open On Veterans Day’ can be used there. Alongside paying their respect to the heroes. this sign also informs people about their availability.

15. Office Open For Veterans Day Celebration Sign:

Office Open For Veterans Day Celebration Sign

16. Creative Veterans Day Honor Sign:

Creative Veterans Day Honor Sign

One can use this particular design asset as yard sign as well. This design has all the necessary quality which can be used outdoor and yard. You can implement customization and in order to increase the durability, laminate the downloaded PDF or you can also opt in for aluminum plated cover to make it weatherproof.

17. Closed For Veterans Holiday Sign:

Closed For Veterans Holiday Sign


Most offices in the United States have work off on the Veterans day, and they can put up this Closed For Veterans Holiday sign to help the people stay aware of their schedules. The design pattern of this sign also gets its job done on paying homage to the veterans.

18. Closed For Veterans Day Signs:

Closed For Veterans Day Signs

19. Celebrating Veterans Day Hours Day Sign:

Celebrating Veterans Day Hours Day Sign

20. Celebrating Veteran’s Day Invitation Sign:

Celebrating Veterans Day invitation Sign


Some places have elaborate celebrations on Veterans Day, and who can use this sign to invite people to join the said celebrations. The ‘free entry’ tag allows people to understand the celebratory protocols better and shall help in inviting more people to participate.

21. Printable Veterans Day Signs:

Printable Veterans Day Signs


A simple celebratory sign which can be used to remember this day. This Printable Veterans Day sign has very little graphic details and spreads the message out loud and clear. This sign might be of use for designing invitation cards, banners and posters.

This uncomplicated outlook of this Happy Veterans Day sign can be perfect for an official meeting.

22. Black & White Veterans Day Signs:

Black & White Veterans Day Signs


This black and white Veterans Day sign has a plain look but plays with the fonts, making it perfect for an unofficial gathering with a simple theme.

23. Happy Veterans Day Sign:

Happy Veterans Day Sign


Printables are a popular form of digital download content, which can be sold online. They can be downloaded and used as planners, cards, posters, signs and also as covers of diaries and journals, being highly popular for adding vibrancy to any occasion or celebration.

These Printable Veterans Day Signs can be highly customized, which makes them a good choice for users since they can carve it out based on their specific requirements, in case the printable content lacks any of it.

24. We Will Be Closed Veterans Day Sign:

We Will Be Closed Veterans Day Sign

25. Our Office Will Be Closed On Veterans Day:

Our Office Will Be Closed On Veterans Day

The above-listed Our Office Will Be Closed On Veterans Day sign uses highly contrasting colors for spreading the noble message, which makes the sign visually appealing.

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