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A “No Running” sign is a type of road or traffic sign that is frequently used to deter people from running in a particular area. When posted, this sign clearly indicates running is not allowed and everyone should follow the traffic rule.

The most prominent places where these signs are placed are typically restricted areas where running could be dangerous that might cause serious health hazards/accidents or somewhere where it is not appropriate to run. Pedestrian zone or busy public areas are the two main places where running is seemingly inappropriate and no running signs could be very helpful to prevent accidents and even to maintain proper order and safety in an area.

In this compilation, we have listed 20+ Printable No Running Sign. Feel free to explore these printable PDFs and use at your will.

Black And White Stop Running Sign Running Man Exit Sign

1) Black And White Stop Running Sign

2) Running Man Exit Sign

No Running Symbol No Running Sign Printable

3) No Running Symbol

4) No Running Sign Printable

No Running Road Sign No Running Notice Sign

5) No Running Road Sign

6) No Running Notice Sign

What could be the Possible consequences of ignoring a “No Running” sign?

Ignoring a “No Running” sign can cause serious damage. We should obey no running sign not only to maintain personal safety but also to avoid legal consequences.

For an example, if you run in a pedestrian area which is, of course, a no running zone, you may collide with a pedestrian, which might cause injury to both parties. Similarly, running in busy public areas or hospital zone could also result in collisions that might lead to injuries.

Injuries due to collisions are the main factor why you should obey a “no running sign”; apart from that, it might also threaten legal consequences. No running signs are displayed for a reason, and if you do not obey the traffic rule, that can result in fines or other penalties. Some states even convict people with criminal charges who do not obey this sign. Consult with a legal practitioner to know the rule in your state to avoid legal consequences.


No Running Cleaning In Progress Sign Fines For Running A Stop Sign

7) No Running Cleaning In Progress Sign

8) Fines For Running A Stop Sign

Fine For Running Stop Sign Dogs Running Loose Sign

9) Fine For Running Stop Sign

10) Dogs Running Loose Sign


Running Sign Running Stop Sign

11) Running Sign

12) Running Stop Sign

Running Man Sign Printable No Running Sign

13) Running Man Sign

14) Printable No Running Sign


No Running Pool Sign No Running On Stairs Sign

15) No Running Pool Sign

16) No Running On Stairs Sign


Green Running Man Sign Gone Running Sign

17) Green Running Man Sign

18) Gone Running Sign


Funny Running Sign Do Not Run Sign

19) Funny Running Sign

20) Do Not Run Sign

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