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Different public sectors like schools, universities, hospitals, official buildings, administration properties, parks, malls, stores, clubs and so on have different rules in their own premises. Some of these rules are made to help the visitors, while others have positive results for the owners or the hosts.

There might be different sets of rules for different venues, and so this collection of Not Allowed Signs has a variety of downloadable printables stating various Not Allowed instructions, suitable for every relevant need in all kinds of places. They have simple designs and get the job done with perfection.

You can make signboards, stickers, posters, banners, flyers, placards or cards out of these printables and place them in your desired location to help people understand the regulations and act accordingly. The signs are also suitable for personal and private use.

This compilation of 179+ printable Not Allowed Signs has covered every possible Not Allowed theme, and they are presented to you in the easily downloadable PDF format. You can simply click on the download button to download the entire collection, or you can even individually download the ones you require.

No dogs Allowed Sign (Printable 25+ PDF to Download )

Want to prohibit Dog? Use these below listed signs.

Some of the signs available in the list are:

Black And White No Dog Allowed Signs Sorry No Dogs Allowed Signs Sign For No Dogs Allowed Only Service Dogs Allowed Signs
Download Download Download Download
Private Property No Dogs Allowed Sign Sorry No Dogs Allowed Sign No Dogs Allowed Signage No Dogs Allowed Symbol
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Download 25+ Printable No dogs Allowed Sign

Or Download

20+ No Pets Allowed Sign | 

No Parking Sign (Printable 76+ PDF to Download )

Some of the signs available in the list are:

No Parking Do Not Block Gate Signs Do Not Use For Parking -Private Property Sign No Parking Area Closed Sign
Download Download Download
No Parking (Right Arrow) Sign NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE No Parking Any Time Signs
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Download 75+ Printable No Parking Sign

Here are more Not Allowed sigs:

1. Salesman Not Allowed Sign:

Salesman Not Allowed Sign

The Salesman Not Allowed Sign is useful for the public as well as private places. It can be used as sign boards, banners, posters, stickers and other textual content to prevent salespersons from accessing the said properties. These can prevent such visitors from entering any official buildings or commercial sites once they are put up.

It can be very frustrating when you are drowned in workload or are enjoying some private time, and an unwanted salesperson shows up. To prevent any such disturbances, you can simply put this sign up and get your work done in peace.

2. Signing Not Allowed Sign:

Signing Not Allowed Sign


This Not Allowed Sign listed above has no specific descriptions and is meant for everyone. It has vibrant colours in its symbolic and sexual contents, making it visually appealing. The sign can be made into stickers, posters, banners and other instructive content using its simple outlook.

It also alerts the viewers regarding the rules of the premises and ensures that they clearly get the message. Placing this sign near restricted areas and prohibited sections of a building can help in alerting more people and keep the space undisturbed.

3. Smoking Not Allowed Sign:

Smoking Not Allowed Sign


Many public places do not allow smoking, and several officials, administrative, educational and medical grounds have a clear prohibition on smoking. Most of these places do not allow smoking due to legal protocols or moral ideologies.

If you want to convey the message of No Smoking Allowed in a particular place, you can simply make sign boards, banners, posters or stickers out of this Smoking Not Allowed Sign and place them all over the seed premises to warn the viewers with clarity without any further misunderstandings.

4. Unauthorized Person Not Allowed Sign:

Unauthorized Person Not Allowed Sign


Some official grounds, public sector administration buildings, and other areas with important ongoing works have only specified and authorized people allowed to enter them due to the prevention of legal or medical hazards.

The Unauthorized Person Not Allowed Sign is perfect for making stickers, posters, boards, placards or banners and using them to convey the alert to prohibit unauthorized people from entering the area where the sign is placed, thus getting the job done without unwanted interactions or misunderstandings.

5. Warning – No Stupid People Beyond This Point:

Warning - No Stupid People Beyond This Point

6. Black And White Shoes Not Allowed Sign:

Black And White Shoes Not Allowed Sign


Many public places involving fun activities, religious grounds and educational discussions require the visitors to leave their shoes behind before entering. This Black And White Shoes Not Allowed Sign is perfect for conveying the instruction to open your shoes before entering with clarity.

Such places usually have this rule to maintain hygiene or due to faith. The simple design of this printable uses two highly contrasting colors, making the visual approach of the sign quite high. It has a symbolic representation alongside clear, bold textual instructions and a vivid warning.

7. Dogs Not Allowed Sign:

Dogs Not Allowed Sign


Some public areas do not allow pets to enter the premises due to hygiene or medical reasons. Places like hospitals, libraries, museums, schools etc., do not usually allow anyone to carry their pets. This is where the Dogs Not Allowed Sign comes in handy.

This easily downloadable printable can be made into door hangers, stickers, posters, flyers, signboards or banners and placed in nearby venues that do not allow any pet dogs to enter the property. Its bright approach catches the attention of the viewers, quickly successfully spreading the note.

8. Eating Not Allowed Sign:

Eating Not Allowed Sign

9. Firearms Not Allowed Sign:

Firearms Not Allowed Sign

10. Food And Beverage Not Allowed Sign:

Food And Beverage Not Allowed Sign

11. Food And Drink Not Allowed Sign:

Food And Drink Not Allowed Sign

12. Food Not Allowed Sign:

Food Not Allowed Sign

13. No Bags Allowed Sign:

No Bags Allowed Sign

14. No Bicycles Allowed Sign:

No Bicycles Allowed Sign

15. No Bikes Allowed Sign:

No Bikes Allowed Sign

16. No Children Allowed Sign:

No Children Allowed Sign

17. No Children’s Allowed Sign:

No Children's Allowed Sign

18. No Drugs Allowed Sign:

No Drugs Allowed Sign (1)

19. No Drugs Allowed Sign:

No Drugs Allowed Sign

20. No Dumping Allowed Sign:

No Dumping Allowed Sign

21. No Firearms Allowed Sign:

No Firearms Allowed Sign

22. No Fishing Allowed Sign:

No Fishing Allowed Sign

23. No Girls Allowed Sign:

No Girls Allowed Sign

24. No Idiots Allowed Sign:

No Idiots Allowed Sign

25. No Men Allowed Sign:

No Men Allowed Sign

26. No Motor Vehicles Allowed Sign:

No Motor Vehicles Allowed Sign

27. No Phones Allowed Signs:

No Phones Allowed Signs

28. No Fishing Allowed Sign:

No Fishing Allowed Sign

29. No Phones Allowed Sign:

No Phones Allowed Sign

30. No Pigs Allowed Sign:

No Pigs Allowed Sign

31. No Shoes Allowed Sign:

No Shoes Allowed Sign

32. No Trucks Allowed Signs:

No Trucks Allowed Sign

33. No Trucks Allowed Sign:

No Trucks Allowed Sign

34. No Vehicles Allowed Sign:

No Vehicles Allowed Sign

35. Outside Food Not Allowed Sign:

Outside Food Not Allowed Sign

36. Parking Not Allowed Sign:

Parking Not Allowed Sign

37. Pet Not Allowed Sign:

Pet Not Allowed Sign

38. Pets Not Allowed Sign:

Pets Not Allowed Sign

39. Photography Not Allowed Sign:

Photography Not Allowed Sign

40. Red Not Allowed Sign:

Red Not Allowed Sign

41. No Dog Poop Allowed Sign:

No Dog Poop Allowed Sign

42. No Drinks Allowed Sign:

No Drinks Allowed Sign

43. No Electronic Devices Allowed Sign:

No Electronic Devices Allowed Sign

44. No Fun Allowed Sign:

No Fun Allowed Sign

45. No Gays Allowed Sign:

No Gays Allowed Sign

46. No Hoodies Allowed Sign:

No Hoodies Allowed Sign

47. No Irish Allowed Sign:

No Irish Allowed Sign

48. No jewelry allowed sign:

No jewelry allowed sign

49. No Mobiles Allowed Sign:

No Mobiles Allowed Sign

50. No Moms Allowed Sign:

No Moms Allowed Sign

51. No Monkeys Allowed Sign:

No Monkeys Allowed Sign

52. No Monsters Allowed Sign:

No Monsters Allowed Sign

53. No Muggles Allowed Sign:

No Muggles Allowed Sign

54. No Parents Allowed Sign:

No Parents Allowed Sign

55. No Pedestrian Allowed Sign:

No Pedestrian Allowed Sign

56. No Pedestrians Allowed Sign:

No Pedestrians Allowed Sign

57. No People Allowed Sign:

No People Allowed Sign

58. No Photoes Allowed Sign:

No Photoes Allowed Sign

59. No Pictures Allowed Sign:

No Pictures Allowed Sign

60. No Rats Allowed Sign:

No Rats Allowed Sign

61. No Salesman Allowed Sign:

No Salesman Allowed Sign

62. No Slippers Allowed Sign:

No Slippers Allowed Sign

63. No Smoking Allowed Sign:

No Smoking Allowed Sign

64. No Strollers Allowed Sign:

No Strollers Allowed Sign

65. No Students Allowed Sign:

No Students Allowed Sign

66. No Toys Allowed Sign:

No Toys Allowed Sign

67. No Turns Allowed Sign:

No Turns Allowed Sign

68. No Weapons Allowed Sign:

No Weapons Allowed Sign

69. No Women Allowed Sign:

No Women Allowed Sign

70. Not Allowed Allowed Sign:

Not Allowed Allowed Sign

71. Printable Not Allowed Sign:

Printable Not Allowed Sign

72. Funny No Shoes Allowed Sign:

Funny No Shoes Allowed Sign

73. No Alcohol Allowed Sign:

No Alcohol Allowed Sign

74. No Animals Allowed Sign:

No Animals Allowed Sign

75. No Backpacks Allowed Sign:

No Backpacks Allowed Sign

76. No Beverages Allowed Sign:

No Beverages Allowed Sign

77. No Birds Allowed Sign:

No Birds Allowed Sign

78. No Blacks Allowed Sign:

No Blacks Allowed Sign

79. No Boys Allowed Sign:

No Boys Allowed Sign

80. No Camera Allowed Sign:

No Camera Allowed Sign

81. No Cameras Allowed Sign:

No Cameras Allowed Sign

82. No Cats Allowed Sign :

No Cats Allowed Sign

83. No Chicken Allowed Sign:

No Chicken Allowed Sign

84. No Clothes Allowed Sign:

No Clothes Allowed Sign

85. No Deer Allowed Sign:

No Deer Allowed Sign

85. outsiders not allowed sign

86. under 18 not allowed sign

87. not permitted sign

88. swimming not allowed sign

89. bicycle not allowed sign

90. under 21 not allowed sign

91. car not allowed sign

92. no helmet allowed sign

85. Bicycle Not Allowed Sign:

Bicycle Not Allowed Sign

86. Under 21 Not Allowed Sign:

Under 21 Not Allowed Sign

87. Under 18 Not Allowed Sign:

Under 18 Not Allowed Sign

88. Swimming Not Allowed Sign:

Swimming Not Allowed Sign

89. Outsiders Not Allowed Sign:

Outsiders Not Allowed Sign

90. Not Permitted Sign:

Not Permitted Sign

91. No Helmet Allowed Sign:

No Helmet Allowed Sign

92. Car Not Allowed Sign:

Car Not Allowed Sign

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