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Smoking is injurious to health‘, despite having this statutory warning on the tobacco products package itself, smokers don’t or rather can’t restrain themselves from this dangerous habit of smoking. Smoking does affect not only smokers but also the people around them. And the passive effect is even huge than the number of smokers.

Some people do it just for the sake of doing it; some can’t really get rid of the habit. Whatever the deal, you may smoke when you are alone, but you should be cautious around people. But in most cases, smokers do not become aware of how dangerous the passive effect is, especially to children.

This is where the no smoking sign is absolutely critical to display. If you want anyone to restrain smoking in designated areas, you should use No smoking prohibited signs.

We have included more than 50+ printable No Smoking Signs in this list which are custom made and can be printed to use without having to make any changes.

1. Printable No Smoking Signs:

Printable No Smoking Sign


This Printable with a Caution, No Smoking Room Sign could be an ideal asset if you want anyone not to smoke in a room. It clearly conveys the message that no one is allowed to smoke inside the room.

2. No Smoking Safety Sign:

No Smoking Safety Sign

If safety is the primary goal, then one should display a warning no smoking sign to make people aware that for health safety cause, no one should use tobacco products in smoke-free designated areas.

This printable no-smoking sign is extremely useful to use on the walls or door of a building where kids have primary access.

3. No Smoking Signs:

No Smoking Signs

4. Anti Smoking sign:

Anti Smoking sign

5. Anti Smoking zone sign:

Anti Smoking zone sign

General Guideline to Post No Smoking Signs at Your Business

Following regulations while posting no smoking signs is extremely critical. If you want people to abide by the no smoking sign rule, then make sure they are displayed at the entrance to the establishment as well as in the most prominent places where they are easily visible.

Do also check the state law if there is any particular rule regarding No smoking signage size. 14 inches wide by 10 inches tall is the standard sign size one can opt for unless they are being instructed otherwise. You can also display other sizes of signage according to the location.

Business entities should make sure the establishment is smoke-free zone by displaying anti-smoking rule sign in designated areas. Make sure to place them inside an enclosed space where there are a possibility customers or even employees may try to smoke. For inside the business establishment, printable no smoking signs would suffice the purpose but for outside use, make sure to have the sign displayed in an aluminum, plastic or tin container to survive in different weather conditions.

To apply the No smoking policy compliance, business owners should reinforce the business’s smoking policy in a proper and structured manner. This policy also helps in regulating employees following the proper procedures when smoking. The main entrances and exits are the main two smoke-free property zone where custom signs could be displayed for compliance that the visitors and employees do not smoke in those areas. 

6. Black And White No Smoking Caution Signs:

Black And White No Smoking Caution Signs

7. This Is a Smoke Free Facility Notice Sign:

This Is a Smoke Free Facility Notice Sign


8. Danger No Smoking Signs:

Danger No Smoking Sign

9. Do Not Smoke Sign:

Do Not Smoke Sign

10. Gasoline No Smoking Danger Sign:

Gasoline No Smoking Danger Sign

In some designated areas, smoking is extremely dangerous and can pose a huge threat. Gasoline is an object which is vulnerable to even a little fire flame. We all know there have been multiple gas station fire break out tragic incidents.

So it is absolutely necessary to post a no smoking danger sign in those designated vulnerable areas. Posing No smoking signs that indicate people are not allowed to light, Vape or smoke directly sends the message or restricts the area for possible danger.

11. No Smoking Area Sign:

No Smoking Area Sign

12. No Smoking Danger Sign:

No Smoking Danger Sign

13. No Smoking Fine Sign:

No Smoking Fine Sign

14. No Smoking Funny Sign:

No Smoking Funny Sign

15. No Smoking In This Area:

No Smoking In This Area

In order to make main entrances, exits, operable windows, designated areas, building facilities, community halls, stores, restaurants, etc., smoke free zone, visitors, trespassers and patrons should be notified clearly about the No smoking policy compliance. You can simply use this printable, ready-to-use no smoking in this area sign and make it absolutely clear smoking or vaping is not allowed here.

16. No Smoking Inside Sign:

No Smoking Inside Sign

17. Blue No Smoking Sign:

Blue No Smoking Sign


18. No Smoking No Vaping Sign:

No Smoking No Vaping Sign

19. No Smoking On Site Sign:

No Smoking On Site Sign

20. No Smoking Or Vaping Sign:

No Smoking Or Vaping Sign

How to Use Our Printable No Smoking Signs

All our listed signs are print ready. Use either an inkjet or laser printer to print them in CYMK color mode. Using these no smoking signs, you can easily create a smoke-free environment. You can even customize these signs and laminate them for added durability. To use them, simply download the attached PDF files to your local computer. Print them out and there you are.

Once you have the printed files, assemble them with adhesive tape or superglue or simply hang them on doors or walls in any restaurants, offices, stores or any designated areas you need to.

21. No Smoking Notice Sign Printable:

No Smoking Notice Sign Printable


22. This Is a Smoke Free Facility Sign:

This Is a Smoke Free Facility Sign

23. No Smoking Warning Sign:

No Smoking Warning Sign

24. No Smoking Within 10 Feet Signs:

No Smoking Within 10 Feet Signs

25. No Smoking Within 15 Feet Signs:

No Smoking Within 15 Feet Signs

26. No Smoking Please Sign:

No Smoking Please Sign


27. No Smoking Within 25 Feet Signs:

No Smoking Within 25 Feet Signs

28. No Smoking Within 50 Feet Signs:

No Smoking Within 50 Feet Signs

29. No Smoking Within 55 Feet Sign:

No Smoking Within 55 Feet Sign

30. No Smoking Zone Sign:

No Smoking Zone Sign

No Smoking sign is a great way to discourage people not to smoke in a particular area to keep your visitors and employees healthy. By displaying a no smoking zone sign, you can simply enforce state laws as well.

31. Danger Not Smoking sign Printable:

Not Smoking sign

32. Please No Smoking Signs:

Please No Smoking Sign

33. No Smoking Room Sign:

No Smoking Room Sign


34. Propane No Smoking No Open Flames Danger Sign:

Propane No Smoking No Open Flames Danger Sign

35. Propane No Smoking No Open Flames Danger Signs:

Propane No Smoking No Open Flames Danger Signs

36. Quit Smoking Sign:

Quit Smoking Sign

There are indeed many reasons why one should quit smoking, and healthy living would come at the top of the list for sure. Most smokers know smoking is actively or passively harming their health, but still, they can’t get rid of the habit.

The Quit Smoking Signs can help right there. If you see a message every day that might keep hitting your subconscious mind, that can eventually help you quit smoking and start living a healthier life.

Use this free printable Quit Smoking signs to encourage people to give up the harmful smoking habit so that they can strengthen their health as well as stop affecting their surrounding people from smoking passive effect.

37. Sign To Stop Smoking:

Sign To Stop Smoking

38. Smoking zone sign:

Smoking zone sign

39. Stop Smoking Sign:

Stop Smoking Sign

40. Symbol No Smoking Sign:

Symbol No Smoking Sign

41. Smoking Allowed Sign:

Smoking Allowed Sign

If you want to designate a specific area for smoking in your restaurant, office, store, etc., you can use this smoking allowed in this zone sign. Simply hang this printable sign on doors, walls, or operable windows so that smokers can see them clearly.

A smoking allowed zone sign is a great way to reduce smoking passive danger effect. When you have this separate area, you can ensure the non-smokers are safe from the passive smoking effect.

42. No Smoking In Building Signs:

No Smoking In Building Signs

43. No Smoking Symbols Sign:

No Smoking Symbols Sign

44. No Tobacco sign:

No Tobacco sign

45. No Smoking Within 20 Feet Signs:

No Smoking Within 20 Feet Signs


46. Smoking Area Signage:

Smoking Area Signage

47. Designated Smoking Area Sign:

Designated Smoking Area Sign

48. Stop Smoking Signs:

Stop Smoking Sign

49. No Cigarette Signs:

No Cigarette Signs

50. Please No Smoking Signs:

Please No Smoking Sign


51. No Smoking No Littering Sign:

No Smoking No Littering Sign

52. No Eating Drinking Or Smoking Sign:

No Eating Drinking Or Smoking Sign

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