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Many public and private places require regular hygiene maintenance, which involves cleaning and mopping the floor with disinfectants, cleansing phenyls, soap-water, chemical-based surface cleaners, etc., which makes the floor slippery due to reduced frictional force.

Places that have numerous people visiting during an ongoing cleaning operation can often cause accidental tripping and might even lead to severe health damage. Such areas tend to put up Wet Floor Signs, which helps in indicating the current situation, hinting at the possible hazardous outcomes.

If you want people to stay away from a wet floor or any slippery surface nearby, you can put up banners, posters, directory signals, stickers, signboards and other instructive subjects. The printable signs in this compilation have well-designed and beautifully presented wet floor alerts.

The list contains 47+ Wet Floor printable assets which can be quickly downloaded individually or together, and made into different usable products, while giving you the opportunity to customize them into more specific and personalized versions and use them however you want.

The variety in designs of the different enlisted Wet Floor Signs can match up to any relevant message you need to convey to the people. They have covered every related issue and location, easing your task and, thus, letting you print and use them right away.

1. Wet Floor Warning Sign:

Wet Floor Warning Sign


The Wet Floor Warning Sign gives out a visual message through its animated character, alongside quoting the actual instructions. It has contrasting hues which complement each other and make the sign more optically engaging, successfully spreading the information to the masses.

Workplaces, business sectors, hospitals, theatres, convenience centers/convenient storage, museums, and other places which have numerous visits on a daily basis usually require regular and thorough cleaning. You can utilize this sign to maintain stability in such places and prevent accidents and keep your customers safe.

2. Wet Floor Warning Signs:

Wet Floor Warning Signs

3. Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign:

Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign


The places that have professional meetings, unofficial gatherings, or emergency visits are regularly cleaned to maintain the appearance and hygiene of the area. This Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign evidently spreads the note with a fun, animated outlook.

This light-minded sign is absolutely perfect for workshop areas, educational institutes, daycare centers, and other unofficial places, as it conveys a message through its humor. Tripping on slippery surfaces can cause serious issues; the above sign tends to lighten up the mood while giving out instructions.

4. Black And White Be Careful – Wet Floor Sign:

Black And White Be Careful - Wet Floor Sign

5. Caution Area Closed For Cleaning:

Caution Area Closed For Cleaning


Some properties undergo sanitation operations under professional cleaners, which use different chemicals and soaps to attain the best possible outcome. These places require the complete prohibition of entry since amateurs can hurt themselves while walking on the trippy surface.

Putting up a sign that states Caution Area Closed For Cleaning gives out the instructions of no entry and warns people about the unattainable surface that lies ahead. Breaking bones in a trip and fall accident is uncalled for, so preventive measures can be taken by displaying signs.

6. Caution Cleaning In Progress Sign:

Caution Cleaning In Progress Sign

7. Caution Sign-Floor May Be Slippery When Wet:

Caution Sign-Floor May Be Slippery When Wet

8. Caution Sign-Wet Floors Be Careful:

Caution Sign-Wet Floors Be Careful

9. Caution Slippery Surface Sign:

Caution Slippery Surface Sign

10. Caution Trip Hazard Sign:

Caution Trip Hazard Sign


A printable sign comes in handy when you have to cover instructions throughout a vast, crowded area or properties with high visit rates. The well-made design of this Caution Trip Hazard sign matches the requirements of any place undergoing renovations or cleaning.

The sign can be used to alert people about wet, slippery floors, to warn them about any overspread slippery substances from prior accidents, or even suggest the presence of a trippy walking surface due to ongoing renovation works.

11. CAUTION Wet Floor Sign:

CAUTION Wet Floor Sign

12. Danger Slippery Surface Sign:

Danger Slippery Surface Sign


The Danger Slippery Surface sign portrays a winter vibe with the animated winter hat and snowflakes. This sign is appropriate for alerting people about road conditions after snow falls, preventing accidental trippings in ice stadiums, and even for ice-skating studios.

The trichrome approach in the design is visually appealing, so it can attract the attention of more people and spread the word on a bigger scale. Tripping on slippery, hard ice can lead to severe bone damage and days of bed rest, so putting up signs to prevent such incidents is necessary.

13. Danger Trip Hazard Sign:

Danger Trip Hazard Sign

14. Danger Wet Floor Sign:

Danger Wet Floor Sign

15. Free Wet Floor Signs:

Free Wet Floor Signs

16. Funny Wet Floor Signs:

Funny Wet Floor Signs

17. Wet Floor Safety Sign:

Wet Floor Safety Sign

18. Wet Floor Safety Signs:

Wet Floor Safety Signs

19. Wet Floor Sign Template:

Wet Floor Sign Template

20. Wet Floor Signs Printable:

Wet Floor Signs Printable

The Wet Floor Signs Printable has bold and clear instructions through its linguistic and symbolic content. Hospitals, offices, industries, and other venues that require the message to be straightforward and attract many eyes, can use this sign to get the job done.

This printable sign can be downloaded and customized to further extents, and you can add critical tips like direction arrows and other accessories if they are important based on your venue. Placing such signs is essential to overcome health hazards and productivity problems in said places.


21. Banana Peel Wet Floor Signs:

Banana Peel Wet Floor Signs

22. Wet Floor Caution Signs:

Wet Floor Caution Signs

23. Trip Hazard Caution Signs:

Trip Hazard Caution Signs


Some areas have ongoing construction jobs where the surface can be uneven, breakable, or trippy. Inexperienced people visiting those areas might lead to several accidents, but all this commotion and uncalled circumstances can be avoided using a simple sign.

The above-listed Trip Hazard Caution Sign is designed efficiently to warn people about the nearby inaccessible areas, thus eradicating chances of any minor or severe accidents which might occur due to uninformed masses entering the space and hurting themselves.

24. Safety Wet Floor Signs:

Safety Wet Floor Signs

25. Notice Wet Floor Sign Sign Template:

Notice Wet Floor Sign Sign Template

26. Funny Wet Floor Warning Signs:

Funny Wet Floor Warning Signs

27. Free Danger Wet Floor Sign

Free Danger Wet Floor Sign

28. Danger Trip Hazard Sign Template:

Danger Trip Hazard Sign Template

29. No Smoking Room Sign:

Creative Wet Floor Warning Sign

30. Cool Warning Trip Hazard Signs:

Cool Warning Trip Hazard Signs

31. Caution Wet Floor Cleaning In Progress Sign:

Caution Wet Floor Cleaning In Progress Sign


This warning sign stating Caution Wet Floor Cleaning In Progress is effective when the cleaning goes on for certain fixed hours, and the occupied area becomes available after the operation is complete. People can understand the prohibition details clearly from this printable.

You can customize the sign by adding the cleaning staff’s shift hours, making the instructions more detailed, and helping people stay aware regarding the availability of the preoccupied cleaning area. The sign can be used as stickers, door hangers, posters, placards, and boards.

32. Caution Signs Wet Floors Be Careful:

Caution Signs Wet Floors Be Careful


The Caution Signs Wet Floors Be Careful printable alerts the viewers effectively about the current surface scenario, ensuring their safety and preventing accidents. It has a playful touch to the prominent instructions, asking people politely to stay careful near the wet floors.

Such signs portraying graphical representations are accurate for places that receive visitors from every age group, making the message simple and understandable. You can download this sign and use it in your home as well, if there are children or toddlers roaming around during a house cleaning.

33. Caution Area Closed For Cleaning Signs:

Caution Area Closed For Cleaning Signs

34. Caution Area Closed For Cleaning Signage:

Caution Area Closed For Cleaning Signage

35. Black And White Wet Floor Safety Signs:

Black And White Wet Floor Safety Signs

This bicolor sign gives out instructions to warn people about wet floors, and it can be made into sign boards, posters, banners, hanging cards, stickers, and other readable content to attract more people’s attention and prevent any possibility of accidents.

The simple and uncomplicated design of this Black And White Wet Floor Safety Sign is guaranteed to gain attention and help in spreading the instructions with utter clarity. It can come in handy when offices, industries, business sectors, and other professional spaces undergo cleaning.


36. Black And White Caution Slippery Surface Sign:

Black And White Caution Slippery Surface Sign

37. Beware Of Wet Floor Printable Signs:

Beware Of Wet Floor Printable Signs

38. Be Careful Wet Floor Warning Signs:

Be Careful Wet Floor Warning Signs

39. Black And White Wet Floor When Slippery Sign:

Black And White Wet Floor When Slippery Sign

40. Warning Signs Slippery When Wet:

Warning Signs Slippery When Wet

41. Slippery When Wet Traffic Sign:

Slippery When Wet Traffic Sign

42. Slippery When Wet Road Signs:

Slippery When Wet Road Signs


Sometimes, the roads get thoroughly cleaned, especially before occasions or after a nearby construction work has affected its condition. In such situations, teams work to make the road reusable, which might require chemical-based treatments.

Driving, walking, or cycling on slippery roads that have lost their friction due to cleaning treatments, rainfall or snowfall can lead to significant accidents with irreversible outcomes. Hence, the sign can be pretty handy in preventing hazards by creating warning alert signs out of this printable.

43. Printable Wet Floor When Slippery Sign:

Printable Wet Floor When Slippery Sign

44. Funny Slippery When Wet Sign:

Funny Slippery When Wet Sign

45. Free Wet Paint Signs:

Free Wet Paint Signs


This design of the Free Wet Paint Sign has a simple approach with two contrasting colors used in it, making the sign attractive and helping people clearly visualize it from different angles and distances. The authorities can use this sign on construction sites to prevent possible damage.

Wet paint stains usually do not get off clothes, can stick to the surface, ripping the wet cloth off, and even cause allergies when directly in contact with your skin. Authorities can place these signs as stickers and signboards to ensure no such unnecessary incidents take place.

46. Dangerous When Wet Sign:

Dangerous When Wet Sign

47. Caution Floor Slippery When Wet  Sign:

Caution Floor Slippery When Wet  Sign


This sign can alternatively be used for wet carpet signs as well. All you need to do is alter the text and include the desired custom text.

At the time of customizing, you can change the color and shape of any desired graphic elements to come up with your perfect desired sign. After taking the printout, feel free to display them to avoid hazards and safeguard your customers.

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